Tom Parlon is "destroyed"

Quote from today’s Irish Independent Business Supplement page 5

Tom Parlon “We’ve been destroyed, my salary has halved”

Also: “I’m in and out of the Dail every day, any chance I get…everybody does it”

My heart bleeds for you Tom. You reap what you sow. … 97804.html

boo fucking whoo tom, where did all the money go Tom???

Managed to hang onto a job has he? Well done. I didn’t.

a lot of former construction workers have seen their salaries reduced by 100%. He’s one of the lucky ones.

Very scathing article. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a piece that is critical of Country Tom and calls him on all of his auld guff. Nice to see it. Shame we didn’t see it 5+ years ago - maybe we wouldn’t be so screwed now.

I doubt he really spent all of his money - I’d say he’s just giving us the Poor Mouth so as to make his request for more taxpayer cash palatable. I don’t know what he earns currently but I suspect that even with a 50% cut he’s on more way money than I am. So if you’re reading this Tom you can take your poor mouth and place it in a certain location about your person.

Backgound in farming and cosntruction? the poor mouth? Surely not…

Tom, did you manage to buy another house yet?

Theres loads of them for sale apparently - just ask one of your semi-literate, pig ignorant members :laughing:

250k accoding to the Trib in October 2008 … pigs-back/

On the pigs back indeed.

Jaysus how will he ever manage on 125k a year. :unamused:

Here’s some figures for you Tom - That 5 billion investment spend would pay full dole of 196 euro a week to more than 490,000 out of work individuals for a year. Do you really think we should put it your way instead, in these times?

As an aside, is that the same Laura Noonan who used to write all of those delusional “personal finance” (ie. sales and shilling for bank and insurance company) articles?

Plus €19k ministerial pension

That he refuses to surrender.

In much way that De Bert refuses to surrender his Mercedes even though he just publicly admitted that it is his fault that “we are where we are”.

Wasn’t he calling for a stamp duty reduction / abolishment recently?

That’s right, Tom - it’s all about the halves and halve nots now isn’t it?
Which half are you, Tommy boy?

That ship has sailed, buddy. Your boys had their chance. (Of course most of them were already insolvent.)

Parlon to the People of Ireland: “I’m Rick James, bitches. Cocaine…is a hell of a drug…”

I don’t give a fizz about Parlon’s private life, but I see huge grubbiness, sleaze and scandal in the above quote.

Sure doesn’t he have a huge ranch in the midlands?Land tax on anyone holding more then 200 acres anyone? Everybody has to contribute.