Tom Parlon, Karl Deeter, Garret Fitzgerald: Newstalk @ 12.30

i’ll finally get a chance to meet Mr. Parlon in person.
It should be a nice and interesting chat.

btw: hope you all text and call loads! and any ammo would be useful too!

Give him hell MB! :smiley:

Try to make him feel ashamed, because he should be ashamed of himself.

The pressure is on

Someone try record it so we can hear it before there podcast this will be one for the kids.

Good Luck MB may the force be with you and make sure you use the word SHILL every few other words directed a Toilet Paper!

I shall be listening with great interest!

Get stuck in to him- ask him if he has kids would he urge them to buy now and saddle themselves with a 35 year mortgage on an overpriced “asset” like he is urging the rest of the country to.

theme music from Rocky in my head…


Ask TOM did he buy that rental property he said he would?

Tom parlon paid 200,000 per acre for thornton Hall while in charge of the department of public works can you get him to admit that it was the worst deal in the history of the state

Make sure to hammer him with QUESTIONS, hijack the debate become the host let RIP. No time to debate the man EXPOSE EXPOSE!
Think Jack Nicholson in a few good Men “You can’t Handle the Truth TOM you can’t handle the truth!!!..”

Can you get me in there with you? I’d love to take on Parlon.

I’d only like to smack Tom in the face - sorry for being so crass.

where did he pay 200k? link?

I’d like to know how Tom could really believe we need to stimulate the very market that go us into this bloody mess in the first place - Ask him what kind of house he lives in and what his mortgage repayment and duration is…

Thornton hall prison north county dublin

The new prison site he was minister for public works who has responsibility for the land price paid. You don’t even need to draw attention that he’s now working for CIF and how dodgy it is. Just say that is displays his poor grasp on reality.

article also gives a development with planning for 100k per acre.

I wouldn’t go there, too obscure for average folk and he probably has his answer lined up.

I’ll suggest you mention the Minister for Subprime lending (John Gormley) or the Government Negative equity scheme

Maybe ask them both how the soft landing that was predicted is working out.

Ask him is he really that unconcerned about the Irish people or does he just not understand the consequencies of his actions.
He’ll say “What consequencies”. Explain how property prices underpin the cost of making anything in a country whether it is services or manufactured goods. Explain that our uncompetitiveness is putting 1500 Aerlingus workers on the street. Explain that our uncompetitivness did not come about by itself. It happened because of the inflated property prices.
We now have a chance to stop the rot and get our competitivness back and YOU Parlon are doing all in your power to stop the return of our competitiveness. Further, you are trying to enrich your members while impoverishing the average person. Ahhh. There is too much to say. I’d be writing all day.

"But the government bought 150 acres at €200,000 an acre for the prison complex site, a total purchase price of €29.9 million. The original budget had been €10 million. " … nton_Hall/

and … y21804.asp … y21804.asp

Sorry - crossed posts. See also … qqqx=1.asp

I think you’re wrong

It is a way of showing how poor his judgment is and a demonstration off his willingness to waste taxpayers money overpaying for development.