Tom Parlon leaves €1,750 tip for Patrick's Day limo driver

There was mention of a voluntary warchest for a worthwhile cause. :angry: :angry: :angry: … ay-limo-d/

I’m not sure though is it better that he stays in place now though. Judging by the show on Radio 1 yesterday his credability is pretty much shot.
Also the fact he is now longer a public servant gives little scope for action. It would be nice to see him pay back misuse of public funds though. … 37672.html

Hmmm. It begins to sound like there are a number of ‘cosy’ arrangements at Irish embassies…

No wonder Tom thinks house prices are too low :unamused:

This tip would have been more the 2000 euro given the exchange rates at the time.

Tom has just described this as “a bullshit story, sorry about the language but that’s what it is”, on lunchtime radio show with Eamonn Keane. Charming.

Shure, tis only agricultural language!

Mind you, Tom trades in alot of horse manure himself… :nin

That’s a 20% tip. My experience of the USA is that a 20% tip is often automatically added for Irish people because they baulk at paying the tip which is a normal part of the price for americans. I don’t know if this applies to chauffers but I would not be surprised if the tip was not discretionary as the story suggests it was.

Maybe it’s just certain Irish people. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha ha!!! Good one!! :smiley:

Sounds like a humdinger of a vicious circle to me. :smiley: