Tom Parlon: More houses key to country’s recovery … qqqx=1.asp

Where can you start on an article like that :unamused:
Tom is becoming a paradoy of himself.

If long-term demand is 45k properties then why the hell did we build 250k in 3 years?

If you want to improve demand we need cheaper houses Tom not more mortgages.

Why does the media listen to this clown?

The property market must find its own true value,though in the short term fair value will be significantly over shot by the credit crunch etc,I would have a different view than most posting here,I own property and would be considered a VI,yet words fail me every time I read or hear of this massive gobshites “opinions” as to how to fix the property market,how a dickhead like him has access to high political office is utterly offensive to me,and clarifies perfectly as to how we have arrived at this shabby mess.

He is a shill… He has no more access to high political office than yourself or meself camped outside the Dail with a starbucks cup…

He is reduced to this…

Thankfully, today has come, Tom Parlon is nationally recognised as a fucking joke…

The complete gobshite.

If that’s the extent of his arguments while lobbying we may be ok.

Reminded me of the movie Field of Dreams for some reason.

If he knows that the Govt are not going to bail out his mates, then why waste money and time on an article like this. If on the other hand he knows that the Govt are going to bail out his hard hat buddies, then he has probably been asked by the Govt to put out messages like this to explain to the Sheeple.

Has to do something to justify his pay.

I’m a bit concerned that a bailout is on the cards and agree with the above. I don’t know the figures but there seems to be too many in the political class with links to the construction industry, directly through family members and constituents in the development game and there is no way they will want to see their ilk go down the shoots when all you have to do is throw tax payers money at the issue in order to save them from financial ruin. I guess the only thing that might stop it is that there isn’t the money in the state coffers to throw at it.

Fianna Fail plan major expansion of local authority mortgage lending, to low and middle-income first-time buyers is expected to form the first step in a government programme of economic initiatives.

The government will tell the Irish people that this measure is an economic initiative designed to stimulate the economy.

The Government is either very stupid or very incompetent.

Raising income limits to allow more people to qualify for local authority loans, is folly. What is required is to allow the market to provide housing to suit the budget of our people.

This can be best done by allowing prices to fall to a level at which people can afford to buy them, with their current incomes, which are set to decline in real terms over the next few years. The construction industry will be come active again when this is allowed to occur, and when measures are implemented to deter hoarding of building land.

A non intervention policy is the best way to achieve this. The affordability of housing was of little concern to this Government over the last decade, while property inflation fueled a tempory tax bonanza, that kept bums in mercs, and at the same time undermined the compeditiveness of the economy.

To use tax euros or borrowings to intervene in the market at the moment would benefit the developers in disposing of excess housing stock. It would burden purchasers with higher levels of debt than they would face if property were allowed to find its natural equilibrium. It would be a waste of exchequer funds as price support cannot prop up the market in the longer run.

The nonsense of shared equity in housing with the government taking a share of the property is a complicated device by which the government borrow from the poor in the longer term as the poor end up paying more for their home, than they would otherwise need to do, all to the aid of the Builders.

To add insult to injury this hair brained scheme will not stimulate construction employment, as the artificial demand would merely assist Developers to off load existing excess houses at a huge premium.

The scheme is merely an addendum to the Privatisation of the National Debt Policy through dear housing, financing once off exchequer buoyancy through long term private borrowings … qqqx=1.asp

my greatest hope is that all this talk of ramping AH is just window dressing. Brian Lenahen sounded spooked by MacWilliams regarding dangerous talk about the banks. this talk about AH could mearly be the government looking active when privately their hope would be that banking failures and the subsequant firesales will do the job for them; bring prices down sooner.
if over the coming weeks the ramping talk continues, my €100 is ready to fund that add telling them for the sake of FTB’s stay out! the irish homes truths webpage is coming along nicely.
the AH is just stupid in the extreme.

Reminds me of this article

Folks owing to the little project I am doing at present to counter Country Toms’ lies I have been enlightened a little in the ways of the spin. It seems you can buy space to write an article like this. I don’t know whether this is the case with the Sunday business Post but I know for sure you can do it in many other media outlets.
This is very underhanded and as far as I can see, it is a way of buying creditability. After all the average person believes what they read in their newspapers.
I wonder if someone from the Sunday Business post can confirm this.

You’ve hit the nail on the head. I was told that FF will refuse to act on a lobby’s requests if the public are against it. The lobby is told to convince the public and then FF will listen to him.
This is what Country Tom is doing here. He has to convince the public that his way is in their interest.
People here say he is a fool. I caution against this. He is not trying to convince people like us who have taken the time to educate themselves. He has only to convince your mother, your father, your granny etc.
Now ask yourself if he is doing a good job.

I’m not convinced we are going to have it done in time.
BTW. We have already got a lot of media attention. I haven’t accepted anything yet. Have to wait for the web site to be up and running and we need a little something in our war chest.

solution to fires - pour on more petrol.

frankly i wish tom just had the courage to be an hero.

I know someone in there. I’ll fire off an email this eve and let you know.

The PAPER media can not be trusted.

These guys are all shilltastic vested interest PR whores.

warrants a bit of a counter view … subverted/

Any chance we can get l’entarteur to pay a visit to Country Tom’s next Press Release ?

I read this article late last night - not the kind of thing to read before going to bed - I was so enraged I couldn’t sleep for a long time. I wonder does Tom really believe what he penned or is he really so coniving that he would be prepared to bring our economy down simply to dig out the developers??

What really amazes me is that any decent paper could carry this tripe in the current climate. Especially when they also ran the article written by Kathleen Barrington which goes to great lengths to highlight the stupidity of the interest free developer loans … qqqx=1.asp

Talk about mixed messages. I’m close to despair with the stupidity in this country - surely people cannot ignore the impending crisis we’re facing should the property market not correct itself? (As if it’s not already bad enough) the financial sector is on a knife edge - how many of our dealers have bit positions with Lehmans or Merrills?? - which will further compound an already difficult situation.

When will people wake up :confused: