Tom Parlon takes a swipe at the pin?: Newstalk

Can anyone confirm what I just think I heard on Newstalk. At the tailend of a very long interview with Tom Parlon on the Right Hook Damian Kiberd asked him about the residential construction sector. Damian was at pains to point that all was honky dory in the commercial sector! Tom replied stating that the CIF were going to run an ‘information campaign’ about the advantages of buying property to counter negative sentiment and I think words to the effect about, disinformation or wrong information, on the net. Now I was falling asleep at this point as the interview must have been 20+ minutes long and went right from growing up in Coolderry, Offaly, through his life in the IFA and time in politics. Can anyone confirm this.

KN I didn’t hear any of it unfortunately.
Do you think he mentioned the pin directly?
Fundamentals my orse if he thinks that sentiment is so flaky as to be swayed so heavily by internet discussions.
People are starting to wise up and no amount of CIF propaganda is going to change that.
He’s obviously a reader of the pin. Tom, best of luck, an ex-politician running a campaign on behalf of builders, is anyone going to believe a word that’s said?

Indirectly. But who else could he be refering to?

It’s a pity Newstalkdo such a poor job podcasting.
Lots of scope for improvement there.

Yip they can only be refering to one place.
I mentioned before that the Pin will become a hate figure for a lot of the liars on their way down. Prepare to be hated. Also, expect a few new members who are not here to contribute.

He could also mean, it has received quite a bit of media coverage, especially since the whole myhome thing.

Yea you´re right, sorry Dreaded. :blush:

True, the pin would be the main one as far as I know.
AAM / daft would not be credible sites but I guess some threads pop up on from time to time.

BB, yes I remember you saying that before about people looking for things to hate etc.
It’s kind of unsettling to think that various VI’s are reading what’s being written here.
The trolls if they come knocking won’t be too hard to spot.

We already have our own resident EAs, at least 2! All VIs are welcome! :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was somewhere like AAM he was getting at (if thats what he said). One of the amazing features of the past few months has been the tetchiness of VIs to even the most minor suggestion that there were problems with the market. A good example is the uproar over the single property program on RTE which occurred in a sea of property porn programs and led to mass emailed and written protests to RTE.

We will have lots of fun at Country Toms expense this year. I suggest he acquaint himself with the foibles a Certain Historical Figure rather than fulminate at the myriad predations of the h-internit .

I don’t want to give the CIF any ideas but a Press Release is a far cheaper and more efficient way of lying than advertising.

You have to pay for ads, and if you are caught out lying in an ad (which the CIF will have to do) then the ASAI can (after the fact) issue a rebuke on their website that nobody reads.

With a press release there are loads of hacks writing for newspapers that will publish it without thinking, and because it’s news rather than an ad, it doesn’t have to even appear to be true.

In any case Mr Parlon, whether by Ad or by press release, let’s be having you. Show us the error of our ways and explain how it’s cheaper to buy than rent.

And since you seem to be against misinformation I’m hoping for scrupious honesty, explaining all about management fees, insurance, furnishing, repairs, stamp duty, legal fees.

We’ll even volunteer to help. Just register with the pin, and post the details of some of the properties and we’ll point out any possible flaws in the reasoning, so by the time you shell out money on Ad space, you’ll know it’s bullet proof.

Or just go straight to lying, it’s up to you.


Here’s the podcast

I and others have said before that he and the rest of the VI’s can run all the ad campaigns and spin exercises they want and I for one am looking forward to country tom and the rest of his ilk making a complete arse of himself/themselves in the process. And I hope they spend copious amounts of the money they shiested from the youth of this country in the process. They can try as they might but it will make very little difference if any at all in the current climate. There is an awareness out there now that has gained and is gaining further momentum in that people are starting to question not only what people are spouting in the media regarding property but are more synical regarding these peoples motivations for saying what they are saying i.e who are these peoples paymasters? In country tom’s case even those with the smallest semblance of intelligence can and will see through the fact that he is a VI prostitute trying to sell his paymasters grubby little overpriced wares. Parlon has a prooven track record in Failure such as Decentralisation, PD’s annhilation/Re-election to the trough at gubberment buildings and I am enjoying his present squirmings as head of the Confidence-trick Industry Federation and look forward to him getting his arse kicked in the media as the downturn takes hold. David McWilliams recent article in the indo was bang on. The bull run is over tom and you just keep doing what you do best by making bigger and better fuck ups!

I loved his comment that affordability is up 10% in the last 12 months.

I guess that’s another way of saying that prices are down 10%.

Keep spinning Tom.

Lets Hope Affordability keeps on rising !!!

Love statistics.

Based on two working couples on average wage with average FTB mortgage, repayments have come down 3.8% of net incomes in the last 12 months (was 26.4% now 22.6%).

Doesn’t have the same impact.

Useful and all as you are …

am I the only one who thinks this statement is akin to admitting to a predeliction for philately?

No, I’ve not seen Phil. Ask TUG, he seems to get around.

This is exactly the Kind of spinning that I was talking about earlier.

Who’d have thought someone could surround themselves with more bullshit in a construction job than a farming job!

I’m almost giddy waiting for these ads now. I really think we might be about to see some new levels of spin. These ads could be the Sgt Pepper of lying.

If anyone from the Last Word is reading this, you guys should probably set aside a whole show. This is going to be like the launch of a U2 album or a Harry Potter book.