Tom Petty Music Videos - Things you never knew


2yrs+ Permanent lockdown - NO EXIT

I always have mixed feeling about that video. Had a friend at the time who just lived off Ventura Blvd where some of the video was shot. But in one shot you can just see the convenience store where a lying bastard store clerk stole my very nice Ray Ban sunglasses. Put them down for a moment to pay, left the store, came back less than a minute later when I realized I had left them on the counter at the check-out, clerk claimed never to have saw them. There were no other customers in the store.

Other fun fact. The lead in the video was one of the Heidi Fleiss girls.

and one of the skater girls was murdered soon afterwards by her drug crazed pro skater boyfriend. One of the guys pulling stunts I think.

Yes, its a quiet life living in Reseda.


Did not know those links to that one. Otherwise, other than the panda eyes make-up and mention of vampires not much overtly weird about it. All over my head at the time. Cameo of Depp in it too, who did the Into the great wide open video.

Interesting storyboarding / symbolism his some of his other videos (Pic from don’t come around here no more)


Free Falling
The Girl in the Video: “Free Fallin’” (1989)

Don’t Come Around Here No More
The Girl in the Video: “Don’t Come Around Here No More” (1985), part 1 of 3

The really creepy video was the one for Mary Jane’s Last Dance with Kim Basinger.
Runnin’ Down a Dream was a bit strange also I suppose.

Johnny Depp played Eddie thoughout the Into The Great Wide Open video, with Petty as the ‘roadie named Bart’ and the rest of the Heartbreakers with cameos.