Top ten networked countries: Guess ireland's position?

Yep, you guessed it, nowhere. See here for all those pesky countries who are ahead of us in e-hubness.

“Ireland (21) and France (23) are also fully leveraging ICT for development”

Are you a hack looking for headlines? It’s hardly a damning protrayal of Ireland.

This thread is heading for trouble I can see.

Never ever, put bearbait before a ragingbear. :wink:

Hehe - i can see your new moto for attracting foreign IT based companies now - come to ireland, cos it sucks somewhat less than greece, spain, portugal or italy 8)

Because with those exceptions, we’re among the worst ‘network ready’ countries among the EU-15 and other advanced economies - hardly a great place for a country with one of the highest cost bases in the world.

Thats because we have crap overpriced broadband running over crap copper regulated by comreg , yeah , and owned by a pack of australian asset sweaters and some ex brothers in the communications union who drive s class mercs nowadays .

A perfect storm of greed and ineptitude .