Torca Road Dalkey

New advert for a 2.3m euro house as yet unfinished, does anyone know anything about this?? … in/3225184

Will trawl through the planning website later to see if I can find anything out…

Just checked this and there is planning on DLR D14A/0434

Initially refused but won on appeal

Locaton is on a new c 0.3 acre plot across the road from Crag on the grounds of St Elmo. It will be placed to the left of the existing modern St Elmos Lodge (see on Google Earth)

Glass box type modern structure. I think the 300 sq m is a little tight (and makes the pricing too much in my view).

They should take a look at the two houses off Green Road, Dalkey Sound, which despite numerous attempts, have not appeared on the register as sold (there were a few false sale agreed moments, so I would wait until these are actually sold).

I think this may have been one of the Dalkey Sound Houses: … enDocument

One of them was called Edenroc.

Haven’t seen the plans yet but San Elmo Lodge is only about 10% larger, so it isn’t tiny in comparison. San Elmo Lodge is very pleasant - love the setting, views and exterior of the house (designed by Tom de Paor).

‘North House’, one of the Green Road houses, is in the register for €2.2m under a different guise. No sign of the second one yet.

Thanks SoCoDu and Gede, was scratching my head Eden Rock ?

Checked out the Tom dePaor website - St Elmo’s Lodge is up there (as Torca Road House)

Very sexy. Lot of want. (Still believe they should have gone for c. 3,500)

Does zero / zero planning not affect this area - I would have thought it was quite tricky to do this on St Elmo’s grounds ?

That Planning permission does look nice,I assume its will be local granite and a painted render finish above.
I like the idea of a green roof, but its an expensive addition to have and requires an lot of engineering. I think the views would be phenomenal from the open plan living room / Kitchen and the bedrooms…

Introducing the Orchard, Torca road,

Irish times puff piece

Good spot RetailHell

Not the Tom dePaor creation that was pictured above (which can cost +350 per sq ft all-in depending).

Much simpler structure (i.e cheaper to build) with “office” balcony railings.

This is a nice house but more more of a 250 sq ft (abs MAX) all-in cost of build (c. 750k build costs MAX incl. fit-out).

Is the land worth 1.5m for 0.30 acres (5m per acre) ?

As a new house, there will be VAT of 13.5% on top of any sale price.

If I see that manky staging furniture in one more house. :imp:
They’ve been using the same furniture around every flip/show house in Ireland for the last 5 years. Seriously, it’s time to move on - donate it to charity or something and move on. Also not a fan of tiles in bedrooms in general - too cold. Big believer in carpet for bedrooms, but even wood is preferable.

Seems kind of strange to have done an upside-down layout here. I understand that it’s kind of a villa layout, in that it’s single storey to the front and it would also be weird to enter where the bedrooms are, but still, considering there are no views whatsoever from the house (pity, especially as the Tom dePaor one next door has nice views), there was no advantage to having the living accommodation upstairs. It makes sense if it was going to take advantage of sea views. Makes much more sense to have those rooms downstairs with direct access to the garden IMO, and having the balconies for the bedrooms upstairs. Only makes sense if the downstairs rooms can’t get light because of high trees in front and then it would be better to have the living rooms upstairs where they can get some sun. The house is south facing I reckon, so not sure if this is the case but possible.

I was informed a sea view was present from the 1st floor.

Maybe. The IT says: “There are glimpses of the view towards Bray Head from one side of the house and back towards Dalkey at the other, but tall trees in the garden of a house further down the hill obscure the full view.”
And if they’re saying ‘glimpses’ of a view, it must be bad!

Sold for €2.012m (including Vat) on 22-9-16