Tourism drops by 17% in the last year.

Can the Government say that it is purely coincidental that the drop in Tourism happened at the same time as the introduction of the 10 euro Airport Tax.

Michael O’Leary predicted that the Government will be forced to scrap the tax but said it wouldn’t happen in the budget as their arrogance simply wouldn’t allow it. He said it would be dictated by circumstances in March or April.

While many resturaunts are making an effort, the pubs are still robbing bastards. I happened to be in temple bar some weeks ago (a place sold to tourists as the craic experience) and had a lovely early bird meal.Retired to a well know bar where i was charged €11.80 for 2 bottles of standard beer, drank them and left templebar for ever.I’m sure the tourists feel ripped off too !.

Discussion on this here.

Tourism badly down.