Toxic Option Arm's


Yea like i said it cracked me up! Dalton R is right the US is bad news for banking if you haven’t got your wits about ya, its is a wood where the trees are actually the wolves standing still :confused:

99.9% APR



Open Window wrote:

Actually 99.25% :slight_smile: Small print appears at 00:12 and stays for 2 seconds.

Makes you wonder what Colman was laughing at?! :wink:


At that APR whats an extra .65% 8) You still aint gonna get into hevan untill you pay it off or at least a fifth generation offspring does!!


NINJA = No Income No Job No Asset’s


High-risk mortgages become toxic mess;_ylt=AgjQJcnI.qa216QEYMxatuyyBhIF


Borrowers hit as refinancing options vanish


The housing market went boom. Then it went bust. Now it goes to the courts.


Whats has this man got to do with all of this then?



Land of the free. Lawyers for everyone.


Homeowner group slams Countrywide


Inside the Countrywide Lending Spree


Inland homeowners on foreclosure tightrope


Economy was good, danger signs were ignored. Then came the cliff.


ARMs race: The fallout of the mortgage mess


Southofdub relaid a quote


The banker is a salesman for debt. If I strolled into a Porsche garage and bought a car I couldn’t afford, that’s my problem. The chorus of “bail out the naive borrowers” is getting a bit irritating, no-one forced them to take on this debt.



But surely the big lenders are now being bailed out by the world banks who are puming liquidity into the markets. This system came to a terminal halt and now its been pepped up with some goof balls.

SO whats the point here folks, I mean on both sides whens it ok to help out people and whens it not? If the corporates are treated with the same right as individuals then why are the individuals not worthy of the corporates and so on…

Has the cosmic joker called the bluff of planet earth or are we being contorlled somehow by something other? Or is it in plain site the best place to hide the truth that is the lie.