Tracking actual sale prices.

I can get the actual sale prices of properties in the UK and Australia from the following sites:


Is this type of information available for the Irish property market? Is the sale price recorded anywhere by local government or state authorities? I feel it must be otherwise how do the Revenue check capital gains owing on the sale of property.



In Sweden actual sale prices are published in a rag newspaper, Expressen.

My aunt’s best friend was selling her house in Rathgar. Was hoping to achieve €3.5M. It sold six months after going on the market for €3m on the nose.
The seller looked in the Irish Times the following week and there was her house listed in sales from the previous week, as sold for in the region of €3.5M.
She rang the auctioneer who laughed it off and said “Sure we have to keep life in the market” Completely accepted he had lied.

Now 14.2% variance from the correct price is outside the scope of “in the region of” and I think these EA’s are storing up a world of trouble for the next few years, by misleading the market. As at some point a solicitor is going to take a test case for a person caught in negative equity saying they were mis advised, and lets say I think stories above could provide good evidence of same.

In my opinion the Revenue Commisioner should keep a record of sales published in the papers, and make sure stamp duty paid, and and CGT is paid in accordance with the inflated figure published.

It is time the government published lists of sales, based on standard report completed by the EA or the solicitor, detailing address, price, number of rooms, date built, energy rating, EA involved, Solicitor involved, surveyor involved. This could be easily done on a database, similar to national reporting databases and sent via website upload or email.
Obviously this will not happen in falling market, but pressure now might make it happen in the next 3 years,

In the UK the actual sale prices are held by the Land Registry. … 8A212641A2

In Australia sale prices are recorded by the Valuer General’s Office in each state e.g Landgate in Western Australia. … es+Reports

I would be really surprised if the Irish equivalent of the Land Registry did not record the sale price of property.

Someone has they, they just don’t publish them.

Sale price information is not held by the Irish Land Registry. The Revenue Commissioners may record the data for the purposes of calculating capital gains tax liabilities and stamp duty but I don’t think there is one giant database available for query. Given that CGT is a self assessment tax I wonder how the Irish Revenue persue those who do not declare CGT on investment property disposals.

i have an idea how to find out :wink: will say no more and get to work on it first thing in the morning (though this will take about a month or so)

I for one would be very interest in this!

To the best of my knowledge all transfers of property title; leasehold and freehold are reported to Revenue in the form of ‘particulars delivered’.

If Revenue have the figures, would a Freedom of Information request be a possibility?


first indications are good and that theres about a 75% chance they are obtainable for 2005 to mid 2007

I’m not sure freedom of information lets you see someone else’s house sale price.