Tracking unfinished properties

Will we see more of incomplete self builds on the market over the next few months? Possibly due to banks refusing to extend building loans to cover overspends?

“For Sale As Is”

Nedd, Doogarry, Doogary,
Co. Cavan
Detached House
Region €100,000

4 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms

“The house is being offered for sale as constructed to date”

Bunlin, Milford, Co. Donegal
Detached House
Region €150,000

4 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom

I’d like to see the VIs explain this one away…

The final proof that the housing market is totally bitched, bolloxed and bewildered.

Saw a billboard for a new development in Newcastle, with ‘PLEASE register now’ plastered across it.

You can almost TASTE the panic that’s out there!

Prices are set at the margin and these places are the outer edge of the margin. Makes you wonder about site values. :open_mouth:


You could hardly get a site for under 200K, now you can get the land PLUS a mostly-complete house for 100K.

Anyone with €150K and the ability to hire gangs of polish roofers and carpenters will have a decent house.

There have always been pockets of areas where the celtic tiger wasnt let loose in and they’re not all in Limerick.[cc_id]=c13&s[a_id]=1057&s[mnp]=&s[mxp]=100000&s[bd_no]=&s[search_type]=sale&s[refreshmap]=1&limit=8&search_type=sale&id=129008

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