Trafalgar House, 45 York Road, Dun Laoghaire - then and now

2005, “Guide €800,000, detached, eight rooms, in two flats. Sold at €1.232m.” … 29058.html

“Renovated and extended to the highest standards in 2007.”

Now asking 1.445m … in/1364861
2800 sq ft, a sizeable €516/sq foot

Lovely house and a very nice refurb job, but it’s the wrong side of Dun Laoghaire for a price like that. If it was towards Sandycove, it might have been different. As it stands, I can’t see them getting more than 900K and even that would be doing well.

Can’t believe this was a planned sale - serious spend to do that re-furb and they will see all that investment just disappear. Tough for those involved.

Just curious why the Sandycove end of DunLaoghaire is considered better than the Monkstown end (ie where this house is)?!?
The only thing I thought you watched out for in Dun Laoghaire was buying too far back from the Marina/Sea, where it starts to get a bit run-down in places

Only asking as I always considered Dun Laoighaire a nice place to live and would consider buying there some day…so dont want to mess up if I do!!!

You may get the argument that you’re closer to mounttown and monkstown farm.

Jaysus lads you’re very precious. It’s a beautiful house in a fine location. Still astonishingly dumbfoundingly massively overpriced though.

I doubt that there is a nice area within a 10 mile radius of Dublin City that isn’t a 10-15 minute walk away from a dodgy area. There are tiny pockets of Mounttown that are bad - i.e. Dunedin, Oliver Plunkett Villas - but this area is about as good as gets. Not as good as Sandycove - no sea views or anything - but then Sandycove is close to some dodgy spots in Glasthule if you want to be picky.

Well, to be really precious, the bottom end of York road was traditionally not too salubrious either. But the place has “matured”. And in general, Dun Laoghaire’s heroin addicts of the ‘80s (when heroin was a considerable scourge) have grown up. (And I guess they were also eclipsed by the coke snortin’ yuppies of the boom).

I don’t get it. This house is still on the market for 1.45m. Looks great online but it’s on an incredibly busy road on a small plot of land. The refurb inside, whilst impressive is not worth the price tag.

Bumped on MyHome today. Still waiting to find a buyer.

I walk down this road most days and the noise of traffic really is a problem at the front. It would shake your bones sometimes. I would say location wise though the Monkstown side of Dun Laoghaire is a huge plus. 5 mins walk to Monkstown, 5 mins to Bloomfields and 5 mins to sea walks.

This house looks like it couldn’t have been done up better from the pics. That high spec interior must be making it hard for the vendor to accept it’s only worth around €900k these days. It’s an awful pity for them but if they were serious about selling in this market they would have already dropped it below €1m I think.

Dropped to 1.3m today according to my MyHome alerts. Still showing as 1.45.