Traffic Vaccidents - Have you noticed an uptick?



Woman (20s) dies after collision between car and truck in Kerry - 16/08/21

Yet another fatal road accident. I have no idea what is normal for this time of year, but you might assume dry and clear conditions during summer months make for safer driving conditions, perhaps an old school data hound can paint a picture by numbers over comparative years.


Weird… the Kerry crash was described as a “head on collision” in the Indo report earlier but now that phrase has been excised and all reports in other media are the same. Also, the Northumberland Rd incident happened in October…


Man (20s) seriously injured in Dublin road crash - 16/08/21


There were 5,527 motor “injury collisions” in 2019 (that’s 15 per day). 149 road fatalities in 2020 when the majority of the country spent the year confined to their house / not leaving their county. “So many. Everyday.” as you say.

This thread is equally crude and embarrassing trying to blame every Irish road accident now on the vaccine.


Good morning @Covidbuyer, still out hawking strawmen, so many, everday, business must be good. Good. Seems good. Seems totally legit.


trying to blame every



You’re right OW, I should really be questioning whether the RSA were doctoring their pre-covid published 2019 figures with a future novel virus in mind that just so happens to fit the vaccine skepticism narrative. Maybe the traditional massive number of road fatalities/accidents in this country have always secretly been down to the death juice jab or mass media manipulation, but guess I’m not as awake as you to figure it out big guy.


Ha ha the “big guy” sign off… try harder troll. Try harder. :joy:


No not a troll, just using recent verifiable numbers to demonstrate that this thread is conspiratory nonsense.


This is what happens when the ‘dept. of critical communications’ are allowed to work from home for too long.


I don’t think this one can be put down to the vaccine…

Senior sources say that gardai are investigating reports of vehicles ramming each other prior to main collision while driving the wrong way on the N3.

The 25-year-old man who is in a critical condition was previously arrested and charged with possession of a gun, drugs and stolen motorbikes which it is suspected he was “holding onto” for a violent gang which had been involved in the Corduff feud which saw numerous shooting incidents.

Sources say that it is this crew who are the chief suspects for ramming his vehicle this evening.

Shocking footage has appeared on social media which has shown the front of the white van being badly smashed. A group of thugs who filmed the wreckage could be seen jeering loudly as they drove past. This footage has now been widely distributed on social media.

There have been no arrests so far in the case which is being investigated by Blanchardstown gardai.

There are now fears of an increase in tensions in the locality as the man who was critically injured in the crash is said to have links to the ‘Mr Flashy’ gang based in nearby Finglas.

The Corduff mob and the ‘Mr Flashy’ crew have been engaged in a long running simmering dispute that has seen a number of violent incidents.


Safe bet there.


Woman (40s) dead and man (70s) in serious condition after Wexford collision - 18/08/21


Not so much accidents, as accidents waiting to happen, odd driving behaviour and the like. Take today for example, youngish chap edging forward at the lights on red, then on green stays put, almost like he was confusing green and red or not fully registering the colours. I wouldn’t mind but this happened at 4 lights in succession (he was at the front of the queue and I was directly behind). Other examples would be random indicating, trains of slow cars on the motorway (previously you would get the odd slow driver while everyone else overtook), and changing parking patterns. Highly subjective but there is a different feel out there.


Lot to challenge in that post but this line in particular :joy: @Coco have you been on the M50 at rush hour/on a Friday in the last decade? Or any motorway into Dublin on a Sunday?

Can I ask, do you genuinely think “random indicating” and erratic drivers (a totally new phenomenon) is now down to the vaccine?


Yes and yes.

Yes you can ask.


Well then presenting this as a new issue is either a lie or wilful ignorance. Always has been an issue. Along with moronic drivers that don’t indicate or do so erratically.

Cute. Will take the answer to the second part as a yes also in that case.

There’s been plenty of insightful stuff on Covid posted on this site amidst the nonsense. But this thread is, again, crude and utter bullshit which does a disservice to those other posts. People shoehorning every day incidents into their preferred narrative. “Old man falls over” - “Well if that isn’t proof of the dangers of menace death jab I don’t know what is”


Only a troll labours a fallacy in an attempt to slide the thread.


A response dripping in irony.


Thank you for reminding me, another example would be the number of elderly people that have fallen/collapsed very hard on the pavement this year. Not something I remember happening with the same frequency before.