Traffic Vaccidents - Have you noticed an uptick?



The problem with threads like this is that they amplify events that have been present in clear sight, but not noticed by the vast majority of people.

The evidence of incidents needs to be checked against historical records before coming to any conclusions with respect to trends and any connections to the vaccine.


That might true if the premise of your entrance was correct, which it is not, but you know that and you also know, you know you used up all the cheap shots to soon, to try cover your crappy onstage moment in the limelight to take down the topic in the eye of the users and hordes of thinking concerned lurkers and now you have to try and slide for cover because you’ve used up your couple of cheap lines and now try to invoke the pretence that you want to dual and wax all legit like.

You shimmy over and zone in on one little thing to push it so far as to try paint it in the absolute absurd extreme, in an attempt to try to associate the entire body of posts and general inquiry up to this point as being cut from the same cloth.

To keep trying to colour all engagement in the topic thus far as “crude” “conspiracy nonsense”, again another cheap bargain basement move.

While carrying on ignoring any valid counter points to counter your fallacious characterisation and crumby entrance, or the actual breath and spectrum of the topic and what it actually demands.

What you might try to do next, but you probably figured out it is pointless, well you might try own the thread and when the time is right call on the mods to step in after you’ve made a bollox of everything or can’t hack the heat.

Like trolls, or if you are not a troll, then you are just a boring person who has no self control and can not ignore things they have no rightful control over, and so like that you try exercise a peculiar fethish for policing in terms of what people should be allowed consider and discuss to compensate for the lack of self control - shooting’ the breeze, playful semiotics, intuitive musings, light speculations and all the nebulous icky stuff, in your world is all conspiracy nonsense and must be shut down and can’t you all see, oh it devalues the good stuff! Says the low post count user who has instigated and contribute how many original topics that have excavated valuable insights for the group? While that doesn’t exactly matter, Bertie wouldn’t like you sniping form the sidelines that’s for sure… but then we move not to the “won’t someone think of the children”, i.e. the reputation argument.

More demagoguery. Extra fake.

The ultimate aim of the paid troll here is to try and hide awkward truths - one such data point documented in this topic is how the MSM in Ireland vs their foreign cousins, specifically and uniformly excluded the “medical” emergency from initial headlines and reporting of the awful tragic bus accident in Cork, curious indeed - another example of the surgical spin served up as informed reporting or daily news - that’s a tricky tangent the we’ll ignore because it doesn’t fit the “conspiracy nonsense” theory sub-group slide class you seek to hammer the topic into, also ignoring that it validates what has been observed in other threads on other topics, that often UK reporting on events in Ireland contain more accurate information, so a valuable insight for those who value, information and where to source it on delicate maters - it might also point to a lack of reach by the regime beyond their dominion of their bought and paid for MSM border.

The reality is dawning on many, where those in medicine have seen it already, seen the dire consequences of the genocidal shots - as @coco pointed out in another analogous example, that kind of acts as an anecdotal control, the fallout could be expressing in other areas - you could think of it as the reverse anecdote of the “well no supermarket since day one had a cluster or breakout of the covids”… but we never see much attention on that anymore, despite it’s brief appearance in the media, or it might be as the health worker who said, and I paraphrase, “I’ve worked through this whole thing with no vaccine after 18 months, now I will be fired if I do not take this “vaccine” that I do not want…”,some thanks eh for those peopel - so yea it’s like the reverse of those real wonderfuls of the universe at large, but you’re either bored with life or are following orders that such enquiry needs to be shut down because they have the stats from the US and elsewhere and they know it is actually a thing (don’t mention the pilots! plea don’t mention the pilots and the blood clots!)…ssssssshhhh… if the signs of the casualties and social fallout signals are growing and creeping into other theatres of routine everyday life, we must not spook the herd of sheeple until we have enough shots in arms.

Everything is
Safe & Effective
Carry On.


Jesus wept, boy you love a tangental rant. So touchy once again OW when someone does not buy into your narrative/fall in with your Pin crew that you feels it necessitates a 9 para diatribe.

Yet you throw out your “sheeple” bollox, bargain basement in the extreme. And insist on calling me a troll when my point (and reason for entry to this thread) stands - pasting a link to every road collision or fatal accident one comes across in the MSM that is so despised on here, or even worse M50 traffic and drivers not indicating (shock horror) and painting it to be a clear and direct result of a covid vaccine (of which there is zero evidence a driver in question had recevied at the time of the acicident) or the negative effects thereof is by its very nature a crude and IMO ignorant analsyis. This despite the clear historical evidence that these incidents have sadly been happening every day in Ireland for as long as there have been cars on the road.

Go forth and keep searching for those hidden meanings - bend truth to your will. And please be sure to indicate.


Time will tell either way.

It was a strawman for you to suggest that anyone here thinks all road accidents are now covid treatment related.

Some may be related. We just don’t know as yet.

To suggest that some road accidents may now be caused by covid treatments is a hypothesis.


The Mr.C-Oxford-Webster definition of “random indicating”.

“bend truth to your will”, as it were.


Here’s an interesting example.
I say injection-induced baal’s palsy.
Mr. C would say: “A dentist decided to paralyse half her face because that what mr. youtube says and us mega-corporations don’t do conspiracy but you, mr. well-meaning, empathetic citizen trying to help a bad situation, you’re a different story”.



Yep you’re still at it, you only have that one trick.

That was an exposé of typical troll methods and means for the common good in case the casual audience who might be easily distracted by your paltry fare, everyday is a school day, carpe diem, sure it’s been a while since anyone bothered - ha ha a rant, yea sure dismiss all the points as a “rant”, the would be nice, nice for your angling and grappling to get on top, but rant it so much is not - double exposé.

I also see you missed the context of “sheeple”, and the the implication of how it was used, maybe some italicisation would have made it clearer, it was written in the hushed whispering tones of regime voices conspiring against innocent souls… works in my head. I’m the Star attraction don’t you know. It’s all about me and me being always right.

Otherwise, I don’t really follow that blank round - maybe we can agree on one thing, viewing people as merely animals is debasing of your fellow man, we all know what that can be the prelude too don’t we - I knew if I fired a long piece you wouldn’t deal or counter any of the substantive points or reflections and default to form and default to the ad-hominem, nice touch the mirroring though FTW. You want to win. At as little cost, as few words. Less words more effect. Do you want to win? Do you want the last word? Who cares who is right, if the question gets answered?

This angle that speculation is the problem, is poor taste, speculations that are in poor taste are, because it bothers your taste-o-metre and use your soap box (that wold be a good mirror to use in your next post) to try de-value that which you have deemed unacceptable discourse.

Radioactive contributions are glow in the dark.

A OP such as this is topically derivative, of the matters of devastating effects and consequences unleashed on society via key roles, in key groups who key positions of power and duty of care over many people that requires aptitude, where a drop in ability equals deadly consequences beyond the individual, for example:

Health staff prioritised - Oh makes sense… eh, yea if you are the enemy and it’s your killshot being delivered by the hand of those you seek to conquer.

Pilots, that’s an easy one. I mean I don’t mean pilot are easy, ya know, but you get what I mean.

Drivers have less passengers but there are more drivers and less pilots, same difference maybe… the implications are myriad, victims and victim makers, slumps at the wheels, 1…2…3… BAMM!

Two bystanders dead, never stood a chance, standing there, socially distanced, wearing masks, fully vaccinated as well… give a full vaxxed equipped body a bus, articulated lorry nay, an aeroplane! All bets are off, the carnage potential increases exponentially - each shot up driver/pilot a veritable suicide bomber kamikaze in waiting.

Crazy stuff. Socially destabilising stuff if it expresses thus. WAR level casualties stuff.

Thinking thinking, the actuaries of world renown, perhaps they are the best people to settle Open Windy’s small brain rants to their final resting place.

A little recap of another tangentially related muse - 2020 was the fake simulation of product/staff shortages because of LARP media coverage of the effects of a not so deadly flu like disease Vs 2021 real consequences because of real tangible injections with poisons effects on the human organism, you know “the sheeple” being injected with a non-wolf.

You’re just in to shit stir and slide. You are not here to provide actual real value. Let’s look at what real value might manifest as, for example, here are some plausible and actual entry types;

  1. No… and it’s extra-wrong because this topics is a crude conspiracy nonsense theory for the pin-crew.
  2. No, I have not noticed
  3. Yes, I have noticed
  4. Not sure - see weird or support online anecdotes, maybe / maybe not - not sure no uptick yet.
  5. No I have not noticed and here is 5 years worth of YoY data to back it up.
  6. Yes, I have noticed and here is 5 years with of YoY data to back it up.
  7. Lurker - wait and see, no engagement in the active topic :ninja:

That only answers one dimension of the OP, but most of them are decent entry points that might lead ot something genuinely more valuable than initially suspected.

Numbers 4-5 are hard because the year is not out, totally clean data in unavailable, and if we’re at the start of a real trends, then this is trending spotting, spotting a trend, is a bit like fishing, it’s not a group sport, until it’s looking at bit more meaty, but you didn’t see that, or you do not wish to see that, you prefer to pretend argue on a taste basis, you do not wish to acknowledge anything outside the frame of the attack, cause you need to keep the black or white frami to support trolling and sliding. It’s a kind of trusty science-esque posturing, like coming to a WAR armed with only a clipboard wagging your pen.

Your contribution has been ZERO

This all kinda reminds me of the overcrowding & overwhelming propaganda in the media, where Gov, and Technocratic talking heads told everyone day in day out, here, there and everywhere the hospitals systems were overwhelmed (expect that one time Tony said actually they were very empty), a year later when more data was available the truth was the hospitals were not overwhelmed and they lied, which backed up the random people videos form around the world, doing camera walk in exposes, further underlined by online anecdotes from health staff afraid to reveal their identity, because the truth would see them fired or molested by management - there is that one exception of course I mentioned, Dr. Tony actually told us the truth, that one time, he went into a Hospital for a change, to visit A&E and was a bit surprised at how empty it was, and concerned, really concerned people were missing important treatments and how that might affect outcomes. Somehow that was soon forgotten, the concerns about the outcomes, more deadly than make up permanent emergencies, as has been fatal to some lardy, were for some reason, taken off the table.

The people who were at the coca-cola face of the data, lied. Misled, except that very one time. The one time is important but you probably don’t know why. I don’t 'want to be accused of spoon feeding. Who wants to be spoon feed or be spoon fed?

Characterising reality in a fluid, wibbly wobbly way like this one day, and the other the next, as something it was not and then it is, to only be not again. Peddling strange theories, more narratives that sounds like wishful thinking. Conceptual scenarios intertwined with dramatic story telling. Peddled nonsense, unchecked or hard to check. A leveraging of the social glue TRUST that keeps the wold from cannibalising itself. Peddled petty patronising sound bites, suggesting new-normals and freedom for some with no freedom for others. Things like that and other stuff.

Worse if you thought you made the killer post by choosing the ZERO value option, a pivot to recycle your killer post, which was not a killer post other than being dead on arrival, because you didn’t read the OP or the topic and recognise what has already been acknowledged or proffered, you made a half arse attempt to be the data guy and the took it all back in the same breath. Noice, but flimsy as feck dear fellow. Flimsy.

I’m sorry for your troubles but trolling is not for you. I don’t see a bright future for you in this area, after many attempts I’m too lazy to bother to ban your username, cause well it’s it’s not really fair it never is when it is the easy option… we have a thing a long established honour code here, when dealing with this kind of grumpy tetchy non-constructive valueless energy depleting attack that involves an original op where the author is a team member, like I wrote, it’s kind of too easy and tempting to do the obvious thing to do to whack out the ban hammer and feel like the “big guy”, maybe that’s what you want, is it? To feel like the big guy?

Then you can register back under another username and fire off some random shit posts and feck around with the rioting features, do things to mess up the shop floor, monkey about a bit, and then you’re gone again, then you do it again and few times after that until you are just bored of virtual feather rustling and decide to work on the garden instead (since you heard maybe a bit of prepping with a few spuds isn’t so bad an idea after-all), this is the thing these angles these behaviours, they’re like ten a penny… don’t bother. No point. Why do it? Develop some self control. Count to 10. Things like that. Stuff. Things.

The ball is in you court, which is not this topic, you can make amends by heading off on a real hike, do some deep diving on the numbers and see if you can spot a signal, but it’s probably at least 6-12 months before anyone can know if it’s true and as you wait for the stats to come out, patiently diligently wait, and you know in 6-12 months the world is not going to be the same, but there might be a pattern lurking one way or the other, a normal pattern or a seriously predictive novel pattern that could save lives - but be warned it might end up being a pyrrhic victory all the same, since there may be less people to hear you message. Some might still wonder why.

But I get it you don’t think it’s true, ok, but if it was that self evident, then *why weaken your point by being a jerk?

*In case of confusion as to the use of the keywords, please read as a rhetorical question.


Two women seriously injured in Longford road crash - 19/08/21



For reference, Here is last year’s RSA report on traffic accidents, It’s only a brief summery.
But it will help to reference the recent road crash figures.


A higher than normal percentage than normal of drivers vs the other seats dying might be another indicator of something being amiss…


I don’t think last year would be a relevant comparator as people were locked down for most of the year. Rough guess would assume that last year may have had the lowest on record.


According to the short report I linked there was an increase of 6% last year.
More pedestrians & cyclists killed but fewer car drivers.


One car driving the wrong way, unfortunately not that unusual, I have dashcam video of one car that was driving directly at me a couple of years ago on the M4.


So 93 so far this year according to that report

To clarify given that some guy was arrested i posted for the 93 figure


Based on information in the RSA report I linked to earlier, in August 2020 there were around 100 deaths recorded, so on that metric, so far this year, deaths are lower than in previous years.


There has been a rise in the number of road crashes in recent weeks, and it has led to the joint statement from the RSA and the gardai.


Outright deaths may be lower but incidents/minor collisions are way up, is my guess. Drivers have slowed down, based on my observations, as though they are less sure of their reactions. This would indicate the brain fog/chronic tiredness that appears common now.


That’d be the brain fog from the virus :wink: