Transhumanism Revolution: Oppression Disguised as Liberation


No you were right first time, inadvertently. It’s clear what we’re being subjected to now in all these gender arguments - probably as a distraction tactic for the concentration of wealth and destabilising of societies

The Gender-Industrial Complex


Please. I work in health information technology. It’s an industry. It’s a profession. We deal with the human condition. These terminoligies have been around a very long time. Gender is just another data point amongst hundreds of thousands of codes and concepts contained therein.


Well when Eisenhower made the Military-Industrial Complex speech I’m sure there were people designing and making missiles saying “oh please, I work in defence, defence has been around for years !”

But no. You’re part of The Gender Industrial Complex*

*Of course, real industries that make things have little time for this gender nonsense. But Gender Service Industries Complex is too long.


Right. So I dont make something (when i actually do), utilising standardized, multilingual vocabularies of clinical terminologies, used by physicians and other health care providers for the electronic exchange of clinical health information, with other providers and physicians, makes me part of a gender industrial complex. Ok.

Equally, I’m also part of the colonoscopy industrial complex. I’m also a shrill for the powerful Gallbladder removal autocracy.


Not at all, Colonoscopies are rational and objective and logical, not to do with feelings. You don’t require hormonal or surgical changes either.

I see the correct term may be Trans Industrial Complex


No. I’m part of the colonoscopy industrial complex. Cos, it’s also in the codes!

I read that article. Flipping hell…

Mainstream medical and counseling associations, having buckled under internal and external ideological pressure, are all-in for gender ideology.

Totally unbelievable and naive. Have you ever dealt with a group of physicians in a professional setting outside a clinical consultation? These are type A, “you don’t tell me what to do” people.
I sampled 3 of the links in that section devoted to medicine, and they were either studies or straight up reportage. I was expecting those links to make a case. They dont.

One quote from one of the linked articles:

And like many younger physicians, Haw is completely unfazed by the cultural controversies around transgender issues. To her, this is a medical issue—and a fairly straightforward one at that.

“Caring for transgender patients has a lot of societal, political baggage that comes with it,” she told me. “But if we can just think of trans care as caring for any other patient that we have, addressing their medical and physical needs, it’s not that difficult or convoluted.”

Knock me down with a feather.


The history of mental health professionals and their various fads over the last 150 years shows that they’re easily led sheep. This is particularly the case with psychiatrists, who are desperate to have some scientific basis placed on their branch of medicine, which is so much wishy washier than, say, gastroenterology.

My experience of physicians and surgeons is that they’re the last people you should expect sense and leadership from. They’ve been bred from the age of 18 upwards to be tradesmen cum scientists. They have very little sense outside their area of expertise. And in psychiatry/gender matters you have the most debased form of medical expertise.


I’m going to have to agree to disagree with the main thrust of your argument. Yes, they have very little sense outside their area of expertise, but generally act like they do. However you cannot tar all of mental health medicine because of the real of perceived failures of psychiatrists, for example. Yes there was some major screwups in the past. But mental health care has matured quite a bit in the last 2 decades, with innovative approaches like CPT for PTSD, for example.

Based on my experience, I’m going stick with my Type A, God-mode, don’t-fuck-with-me, attitude of physicians, especially those that get to Chief, Chair or CMO.

However, yes, clinicians do have their area of expertise. And have to treat the patients as they present to the clinician.


You should actually tar all doctors with the sins of psychiatrists, where they bow to those psychiatrists. Because the key thing to remember with physicians and surgeons and chiefs is that they’re tradesmen - in the same way as your tradesman says ‘i haven’t seen that before you’ll need a different expert, there’s an expert we can get in’ - doctors are trained to call in expert consults because medicine is so complicated.

Doctors want to bring relief to a patient’s suffering. The problem is the experts they’re calling in on gender dysphoria are the lowest, least objectively grounded, most quackish, most subject to propaganda branch of medicine there is - and history shows that unequivocally.


Yeah. Nah.

You’re talking about Care Pathways, or IPOCs. Of course, a patients treatment can be multi-faceted. This is reality. No single human being can encompass the entire spectrum of human healthcare. You are saying this is a fault?

Gender dysphoria was introduced in DSM-III in 1980. From what I’ve read , its estimated that about up to 0.014% of people assigned male at birth and 0.003% of people assigned female at birth would be diagnosed with gender dysphoria.

Whats the issue?


For a start the numbers don’t seem to be fixed, it seems to be possible to increase the number of children needing “treatment” when I first noticed the whole trans movement, most of the patients were males transitioning to female, when this was the case the party line was that human embryos all start off as female then because of genetics 50% grow into male, however for some this change is somehow incomplete so we get a small % of males feeling trapped in the “wrong” body. Now in some places we see more females claiming to be trapped in the “wrong” body, so the party line on the possible cause needed to change. is there any other medical condition like this ?

For people with a certain kind of politics having a trans gender child is seen as a good thing, an achievement, so virtuous. is there any other serious medical condition like this ?

You’re supporting this ideology while at the same time pretending to be neutral about it, interesting strategy


I reject the entire idea of an ideology.

What are the numbers?

Maybe another way to frame the question, is homosexuality an ideology? The numbers are far higher.

I’d also add, to your comment "people with a certain kind of politics’, those who are Evangelicals. They are very political. They are, by definition, virtue signaling. They are displaying Identity politics. I don’t say that in a pejorative sense - but a fact: “I believe this”. So be it.

But can they really ever be saying that they are definitively “a good thing, an achievement, so virtuous”, when you consider the many scandals that surround their preachers?

Well, I might give them the benefit of the doubt, because I feel there is a deeper more compassionate cohort of people there than the stereotype suggests.

There are vocal idiots everywhere. And the media, left and right, amplifies only those.

So this line of argument is a canard.


If the number of children with Cancer or any serious condition increased at the same rate then every doctor in the world would be scratching their heads wondering what the hell is going on, wondering why the transgender cases keep rising could be very bad for your career


4000% of…what?

In the UK, young people referred for “gender treatment” has increased from 97 in 2009 to 2,510 in 2017-2018, an over 4,000 percent increase in 10 years.


Did you even read the article to catch this fallacy? You’re supporting your ideology while at the same time pretending to be knowledgeable about it, interesting strategy.

Where exactly is the ideology?

Is homosexuality an ideology?


That CBN website is gold.

Loved this article:

“I would be fine taking an awareness course if it were factual and based in science,” he said. “But I felt it was too ideological.”

Feelings! Hah! Feelings don’t matter, as has been pointed out to me on this thread many times.

“The more I looked into it on the internet, the more I saw that I wasn’t alone. There’s a lot of people speaking out and who are unhappy with how the activists are controlling the narrative around this,” Doe concluded.

Says the anonymous man on an article on the internet. No, sorry, when I search, there are multiple articles concerning this. Those activists are shit at their job of controlling the narrative.



It’s most likely that the Canadian children’s hockey coach meant “I thought” rather than “I feel”. He negligently didn’t realise that he’d be mocked by a smarmy accomplce of the Gender-Industrial Complex thousands of miles away not only for using incorrect pronouns but also incorrect verbs.

There are only two genders. Anyone who thinks that gender is a thing you “discuss” or “get training on” is a clown.


So now what people say, isn’t actually what people say? We can interpret language and change it to mean whatever we need it to mean?


Funny enough, six-fingered people have long suffered the same sort of discrimination as albinos. It’s suspected of indicating witchcraft. Still doesn’t mean we should mandate six-fingered glove manufacture any more than we should legislate for bathroom usage.


Well, it would matter what 6 fingered people currently think, and if they think they are being discriminated against today. I doubt it though, 6 fingered gloves are widely available for sale…online.


Those online items are offered as cruel jokes, as far as I can see. It’s time someone stood up for hexadactyly. Let’s hear it for LGBTQ6+ and f*** the HERFs (hexadactyly exclusionary radical finger-normies).