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Anatomy of a cancellation by the culture Stasi

The Royal Academy’s decision to ban an artist’s work over her views should be a test case for anti-discrimination laws

Janice Turner

Saturday June 19 2021, 12.01am BST, The Times

In January, the artist Jess De Wahls got in touch to say she’d made an embroidery of my mother’s hands. A photo I’d posted on Twitter of my first care home visit in many months had moved her to sew. She didn’t want payment, just for me to have it. Now this touching work sits by my desk.

De Wahls is no cosy cross-stitcher: she deploys her needle for political, especially feminist purpose. She embroiders fallopian tubes giving the finger, had a show called Big Swinging Ovaries, ran a vagina sewing workshop at Tate Modern. She’s funny, outspoken, has bright red hair and lavish tattoos. As all artists should be, she’s freethinking and bold.

She also has a sideline in embroidered flower patches, dahlias and pansies you iron onto T-shirts or jeans. Liberty stocks them, and the Royal Academy shop had just reordered when this week its head of commercial emailed to say she’d received eight complaints that De Wahls was transphobic. She wrote back. Silence. The RA Instagram account, with 500,000 followers, then posted: “Thank you to all those for bringing an item in the RA shop by an artist expressing transphobic views to our attention.” They would no longer sell De Wahls’s flowers.

How does it feel to be “cancelled”? In a searing essay, the acclaimed Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie writes of the vicious social media response to a 2017 interview in which she stated “trans women are trans women”, ie biological sex is immutable. A student Adichie mentored in her writing workshop tweeted that she should be attacked with machetes. Members of a new “puritan class”, Adichie writes, answer questions with mantras, “flatten all nuance, wish away complexity” to enforce the latest ideological orthodoxy. Incapable of real loyalty or compassion, they “pontificate on Twitter about kindness but are unable to actually show kindness” while they “demand you denounce your friends”.

Adichie could be writing about De Wahls. Growing up in communist East Berlin (she was six when the wall fell) she trained as a hairdresser, but arriving in London aged 21 began sculpting and painting while working in a tiny salon at the Soho Theatre. No one could be more sexually liberal: she spent her twenties in fetish clubs and, although straight herself, her friends were mainly gay men and lesbians.

Moreover, when she was 12 her parents announced their marriage was ending because her father enjoyed sado-masochism but her mother did not. Yet they still live together in Berlin as happy flat-mates. Her mother has a long-term boyfriend. She shows me a photo of her father visiting London, a tall, beaming bald man in make-up, earrings and red high heels. Abhorring labels, he calls himself “a paradise bird”. Yet De Wahls points out that as an occasional cross-dresser he comes under Stonewall’s all-encompassing “trans umbrella”.

So, a few years ago, when gender theory took off among Soho Theatre colleagues, “and they’d disinvite a friend from a party because she believed that only women have vaginas”, De Wahls was bemused. “I said, ‘Are you serious?’” They were. When she asked questions, they insisted trans women were biological women, just like her. This denial of science, of tangible reality, this insistence that 2+2=5, troubled her.

After immense thought, sleepless nights and with much trepidation, in 2019 she posted a 5,000-word blog. “I have no issue with somebody who feels more comfortable expressing themselves as if they are the other sex,” she wrote. “However, I cannot accept people’s unsubstantiated assertions that they are in fact the opposite sex to which they were born and deserve to be extended the same rights as if they were born as such.”

The response was immediate and merciless. She was driven from her Soho Theatre salon. A gay friend whose hair she’d cut for ten years tweeted: “Never trust a bitch who does vagina art.” A colleague trawled her Facebook page, ordering lifelong friends to disavow her. All her offers to meet and talk were blanked.

Meanwhile the Instagram “embroidery community” set about destroying her livelihood. Petitions were launched, an exhibition in Australia was cancelled and every collaboration with a charity or company sabotaged. When she donated a work for raffle to raise money for period products in India, a male embroiderer hoped he’d win so he could burn it. One prominent stitcher of cheery flowers and “be kind” homilies has ranted non-stop about the injustice of it being De Wahls’s work that the snobbish RA chose when it finally allowed embroidery into “its hallowed halls”. Rather than her own, maybe?

Adichie’s essay wonders whether such vitriol is really to win compassion for trans people. Or has their cause become a legitimised outlet for baser feelings: professional jealousy, misogyny, amorphous rage? Now that shifty serotonin buzz from hurting someone you dislike comes with social cachet. What fun! You’re a good guy, for being vile.

As people sweat in silence, fearful that one misspeak will mean they’re next to be cancelled, De Wahls thinks of her childhood. “It’s Stasi bullshit. Like when my parents ordered me not to tell anyone we watched West German TV. But I refuse to back down. If I don’t, maybe young women will feel more bold.”

How bizarre that the art world, the crucible for shocking and subversive ideas, balks at the mere fact of biological sex. As I write, the RA’s tremulous head of commercial just told De Wahls “everyone is still thinking”. I’d hope such cogitation includes the Maya Forstater ruling which recently defined gender-critical feminism as a legitimate belief. De Wahls’s embroidered flowers would make a fascinating test case.


I struggle to have any sympathy with this sort. Her life is one long deconstruction project (albeit the parents played a big role in that) but she objects to this particular deconstruction project - Transgenderism. Cry me a river


Steve Sailer on Twitter
“Autogynephilic transgenders tend to be really smart but often are not very nice.
For example, Ted Kaczynski wanted a sex change operation at once point due to his raging autogynephilia:”


Ok so they’re turning Princess Diana actress from the Crown Trans or something. And it’s a top story on google. And a tiny number of maniacs are cheering it on, which is being highlighted.

That’s all Evil.

Several of Corrin’s fans have taken to the post to share their praise for the star sharing their binding experience.
‘Thank you for sharing you journey with us, love u, [sic]’ wrote on follower.
‘IM SO PROUD OF YOU, [sic]’ wrote another.
One added: ‘Amazing! I just bought my first binder. Journey on.’
The post comes weeks after the Golden Globe winner is believed to have changed their pronouns to she/they, after briefly adding new pronouns on their Instagram page. However, it appears the actor has since removed the pronouns from the account.


Just a few years ago the majority of the trans madness was men/boys wanting to transition into women/girls, now its the other way around, this should have caused people to start asking questions, something strange must be going on, we need to dig deeper into this, but no, thats just not something right thinking people want, IMO a partial reason is that women follow trends but generally don’t start them, so Emma Corrin, Ellen Page are just trying to please the group in power/establishment. just look at Charlize Theron and Angelina Jolie, first the trendy thing to do was adopt and African orphan, now its cool to have trans children and so their children are trans, that they think this is a clever career move is best part IMO

Most people assume the group ruling us today will always be in power, but thats a foolish mistake



It’s uncomfortable going through puberty. Pains (I had to take prescription NSAIDs for years), bleeding, will this pad be enough, will it bleed through clothes, when can I get to the bathroom again. Running very uncomfortable once I started growing breasts and boys staring, sometimes trying to feel. And I was a tomboy, didn’t dress up or show much off. And hearing of other girls accounts I know I was fortunate and had no real/big issues or problems with groping or assaults. It still felt uncomfortable.

Must be worse now, with mobile phones, influencers, photoshopped pictures of celebrities, online porn etc. I think some girls just want it to stop, have the pressure go away and think going trans will make it all go away.



TENI, the top transexual lobby group in the state, has had their funding pulled over accounting irregularities according to the Burkean. I do remember reading bits and pieces over the last year about delays in filing etc so there does seem to be something in it. I’m going to take a wild speculative guess that there’s travel to “interesting” exotic destinations involved and probably rents on some extravagant private residences.


Oh please… yes…

Groups like this have taken over so much abroad, we haven’t been as bad here, but the amount of training courses etc. they run for institutions has mushroomed in past years…


Jobs for the boys jsut doesn’t quite fit no more.

Jobs for the he-shes? :man_shrugging:


Weak men make hard times, Hard times make strong men, Strong men make good times, Good times make…


This is what a women looks like these days - just in case you’re not with the program…


Earlier this year, Israeli scientists found a way to extend the lifespan of mice by 23% by boosting a particular protein, and say this method may work on humans.

“The change in life expectancy is significant, when you consider that an equivalent jump in human life expectancy would have us living on average until almost 120,” said Prof. Haim Cohen of Bar-Ilan University.

In addition to extending the mice’s lifespan, this method also made them more youthful at a later age and less susceptible to cancer.

Who wants 120 years of this tripe at this stage…85 and a bit of a Brucie Bonus maybe. it’ll do


Irish Journoactivist for Trans is upset at Dave Chappelle

“Emma” Kelly has form for this bullying


On June 22 — four weeks after the Smiths’ daughter told teachers she was raped in the girls’ bathrooms at Stone Bridge High School — Ziegler, who earns $295,000 as the school superintendent, told a crowded school board meeting: ‘To my knowledge, we don’t have any record of assaults occurring in our restrooms.’

He then went further, calling it a debunked theory that a [transgender] person is more likely to sexually assault a cisgender (non-trans) person and that the ‘predatory trans person does not exist’.

DEBUNKED DEBUNKED !!! its a debunked theory. look it up on Snopes. trust the science.


Chapelle row rumbles on. Like Basecamp, the penny is going to drop with Tech companies that if one of your employees is “campaigning”…theyre not being productive and are harming other’s productivity.

Notice how they’re saying Netflix is reaching market saturation because it’s not gay enough :joy:


Netflix are in big trouble according to the Graun…

Of the 209m memberships:

“The public has responded in turn, with dozens of Netflix customers saying that they plan to or have already cancelled subscriptions to the platform over its handling of the Chapelle special.”

Dozens, you say? Like how many dozens? Two, three? And where did these sleuths get the information about the dozens?

“Celebrating coming out day by cancelling my Netflix subscription,” one user tweeted.

More incredible investigative journalism, make sure you sign up for a subscription - to the Guardian not Netflix (Booo).


A good example of the progressivism mindset that Patrick Dineen talks about in The End of Liberalism. Many elements of the past are “troubling”, there may be pain and “adjustments” in the present but remember we’re making a “better tomorrow”. It’s actually funny ! Every fevered traditionalist prediction was correct - they really are “turning everything gay”

The company released the new mission statement and said the superhero, who famously fought for “Truth, Justice and the American Way”, would now be fighting for “Truth, Justice and a Better Tomorrow”.


Pandemic of The Gay :whistle:
Pandemic of The Woke. :icon_beer:
Pandemic of The Victims :innocent:

Maybe favourite pandemic is the Pandemic of The Ice Creams, specifically the mint choc variant. :snowflake::icecream: