Transhumanism Revolution: Oppression Disguised as Liberation

I can’t see that pay-walled article, but the image sub line is enough:

‘When I fantasise about living as a man I feel joyful and it very comfortable.’

When I fantasie about being unbelievable wealthy I feel euphoria and hugely satisifed…"

What’s the difference?


Should the state subsidies fantasies presided over by malevolent quacks no, but it does, so there is the problem.

However one solution is for her to cos-play and test out her theory.

I am assuming there is no mention of the spiritual dimension and aspect to all of this?

It’s getting quite a bit of traction online/Twitter etc and not just from Gript.

Is the full text of the article available anywhere?

Here it is

Lesson: Don’t Breed with Crazy

Oh right… it’s either made up like most of them to push an agenda or they are pushing an agenda… what normally happens now is if this was say the US, the Anti-IrishTimes would begun to see a collapse in subscriptions, readers would start cancel their subs in droves and a collapse in patronage by simply not ever buying the paper ever again.

I was writing a thread about this but the only solution for people is to stop paying for menace media, stop paying for all menace media, cancel your subs, cancel cancel cancel… clear the deck.

Please link archived links to the menace media, it’s a little more work but the less traffic they get, the better, every little helps.


Ok cool… so Garden of Eden redux.

She has taken a bite of the apple. It seemed natural… until “consequences” destroys family, ruins children basically destroys lives… trauma, and then that goes on for generations.

Not really. You’re dealing with someone who has a history of mental illness. This is typical.

What such female Trans find is that the testosterone they receive as part of the “transitioning” boosts their mood, as it is an anti-depressant. She’s gone along to a coffee morning and heard lots of stories about how “living my true life totally changed me!” - when it was really all the testosterone

Her mental illness probably cast a huge shadow over her parents lives…now the UnIrish Times encourages her to destroy another two generations, husband and children.

This was all preprogrammed. Isn’t it just an extension of the first episode of Friends - Ross’s pregnant wife leaving him for a lesbian?

I dunno if you’re replying to moi, but on the moaner phrase of, “mental illness” that phrase can go in the bin, it’s a spiritual matter, a soul is at stake.

I’m shocked. Not.

The board of the school where the teacher works had a meeting . It went about as you’d expect.

Sure… "There will come a time when none of them will be able to walk down the street"

“Irene Montero, a Communist who is the Minister of Equality in the left-wing Podemos government in Spain, says the quiet part out loud: that equality means children have the right to have sex if they want to. Here’s the clip, in Spanish, but with English subtitles (turn on the CC on the YouTube frame):”

Teva pharmaceuticals are a big player in generic puberty blockers. So you could just boycott them. They make a broad range of generic drugs such as the Statin I take.

Ow wow - just saw this posted to Twitter… this would be so based.

Some truly sick people operating out there…

Yes Mermaids has popped up here before.

A cute, innocuous, feminine, childish name for a monstrous organisation