Transhumanism Revolution: Oppression Disguised as Liberation

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Interesting case in the UK. The print version was different to the online version. It stated that “it is understood that Carlos Delacruz has passport, identity documents etc as a male from Spain”

It does beg the question as to whether there should be a legal obligation for Transgender people to notify anyone they are intimate with that they are transgender

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I’m sure it fking is !

I’m starting to understand why Jordan Peterson flipped about all this :open_mouth:



Simpler times. New York in the 80s



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Still though, ‘rights’ n’ stuff, yeah?

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“Growing exponentially” seems correct


The answer “why” is right there in the first photo. Can anyone see it? :nin


That website is better than the onion


All the time

Imagine “celebrating someone for how they look”. FFS No wonder wider society has such mental health problems


Sydney axe attacks: Woman jailed for wounding 7-Eleven customers

Evie Amati jailed for brutal axe attacks at Sydney 7-Eleven


I wonder what prison they will send her to

More toxic masculinity on display, I’d suggest these people are crazy but that would be phobic


It’ll be interesting to see whether RTE will bow to the Twitter mob and “de-platform” Graham Linehan. I certainly hope they don’t. … 29608.html
*Almost 2,000 people have already signed a petition in the first 24 hours to remove “transphobic” Graham Linehan from the panel of next week’s RTÉ Prime Time programme. The inclusion of the Father Ted writer led to complaints to both RTÉ and the BAI claiming Mr Linehan has a lack of qualification to comment on the subject and alleged “transphobia”.
In the teaser for the episode, Mr Linehan says; “You do not tell kids that they have been born into the wrong body just as you don’t tell anorexics that they are fat.”
A petition, set up by Hollie Leddy-Flood on, has amassed almost 2,000 complaints in less than 24 hours. Ms Leddy-Flood said: "Graham Linehan is not a medical expert and he is not transgender. *

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It’s up to 4000 now. Ordinarily you’d say he’d be better off satirising the movement. But there are enough aggressive activists to stop that. It’s amazing how prescient South Park was.


Graham Linehan: Trans activists ‘don’t realise the damage’ they do … -1.3765979


Worth folks’ time to watch: ContraPoints, lots of topics not only trans stuff

Also hbomberguy’s channel good, he made it to the mainstream in the last days: … -gamergate
Raised USD340k for trans charity

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@Col. Max Pyatnitski
Why do you think it’s worth watching? What does it offer?
“hbomberguy’s channel good” What’s good about it?
What are they about, and why are they good?


Intelligent and often humorous discussion of topic of this thread for Contrapoints
Hbomberguy recommendation incidental. The relevance is his fundraiser followed from glinners harassment of a trans charity following their award of lottery funding


@Col. Max Pyatnitski
You said, “hbomberguy’s channel good” Why is it good. What’s good about it?

Seriously? An adult playing computer a game (Donkey Kong) for 58-hours straight, streamed online to raise money for a “trans charity”.

IMHO, that is literally the definitions of a physiologically toxic activity. Smh