Transhumanism Revolution: Oppression Disguised as Liberation

Jaysus…the reporting approach here is as sick as the case itself.

She was convicted of murdering a former girlfriend in 2003 in a suburb of St Louis, before she transitioned.

McLaughlin stalked the victim to the point where the ex-partner sought a restraining order.

The day of the killing, McLaughlin waited for the woman - named Beverly Guenther - as she left work.

Guenther was raped and stabbed to death with a kitchen knife. Her body was dumped near the Mississippi river.

Everything moldbug wrote about non-asian ethnic minorities in the US being installed as a new aristocracy goes double for the gender deluded (and associated chancers) as a political class

It is illegal to show porn to minors, with some exceptions in law. One of which is apparently for the purposes of education. I don’t think that exemption was an accident. They are pushing grooming more and more on younger and younger ages.

Oops… LGBTQ-XYZ activist in a spot of “minor” trouble…allegedly.

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It’s called alphabet soup.

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Hopefully this resolves with more clarity than the Anthony Flynn case.

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Owen Hanley has popped up here before

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Looks like his Twitter account was hit by one of those stray Russian missiles…not much left.

(I’ve watched the video from his accuser - seems to be an underage grooming allegation. Hazel Chu has chimed in offering her support to the apparent victim!)

Had a look at that too. Couldn’t help thinking that the premise that trying to initiate sexual contact with adolescent males is the same sort of problem for society as initiating sexual contact with adolescent females is part of the gender erasure psyop.

It’s not the same thing. Equally sleazy and even more degenerate but it doesn’t bring civilization crashing down to nearly the same extent.

The reason rapists suffer in prison is because we live in a paradigm of female mate selection and rapists are ‘free riders’ who endeavour to get their genes into the next generation without paying the dues to society which are involved in becoming an acceptable and selectable mate.

Archaic crimes like ‘seduction’ or ‘breach of promise’ are pretty meaningless to society when the victim is male. Laws to protect children from predation are massively important morally but are applied to young adult females because of their child bearing potential and the consequences to society of removing a member of the mating pool prematurely when the endeavour to ‘win her hand’ would have promoted pro-social actions from her suitors.

Flynn was using the cover and resources of a state funded charity to uniquely access the particularly vulnerable to indulge his perversions which is the main issue with that situation. This latest person seems to have been doing the same in his capacity as a private citizen, albeit seeking his victims through his political party social contacts, so I’m not clutching my pearls quite so tightly this time.

Are we allowed link to the video of the accusation against Social Democrat councillor Owen Hanley.

This matter should be very easy for Owen Hanley to clear up. I am sure it’s completely different to the Leo nightclub video that was clearly a total fake.

Owen Hanley? The floor is yours.

Someone sent me this youtube short to watch yeaterday (not quite sure why) Candace Owens destroys Cardi B, Lil Nas X and Harry Styles - YouTube

In it Candance Owens posits that there is someone nefarious behind the scenes encouraging pop singers to wear dresses, rappers to promote satanism and glorifying women who commit crimes and she’s probably right.

Her thesis is that the people who do these things for money and fame are actually OK guys and that the evil people behind the scenes are the real problem.

My first impression was that this mindset is far more pernicious than any of the things that she was referring to that the celebrities had done.

If people don’t have agency and culpability there is no limit to the evil that is possible and her thesis is a nefarious expansion of victimhood culture.

I don’t have any more than a vague awareness of Owen’s so I can’t guess whether she is a dupe or a puppet but nothing is going to improve until people become aware that order followers are 100% responsible for their actions, celebrities selling their souls for fame are not ‘nice guys’ and that nearly all the evil that is committed in the world is done by people who convince themselves that they are acting under some form of duress from an external authority.

Has Milgram taught the world nothing?

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Most people haven’t heard of Milgram. Or Ashe. I’m guessing Orwell, Goebbels & Huxley aren’t familiar names to younger generations either.

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Good point, and it’s interesting to think that if you were growing up today with only a hazy notion of who Adolf Hitler was then you would probably imagine him as some lad from the old days who was exceedingly similar to but not quite as bad as Donald Trump (who you’ve been informed on numerous occasions is ‘worse than Hitler’)

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So the rumours were true. What’s Bernard McDonald’s new name I wonder? Lot of gaps here. Had a family? Is it a autogynephila thing?

The British tory establishment has got itself worked up about Sturgeon’s Trans bill. But it is all for nothing and they will ultimately lose as they will not just plainly all agree: “changing your gender”, “gender reassignment surgery” etc is wrong at any age



QED - anti Trans campaigner, Kathleen Stock, doesn’t get it. There is no coherent pro Globohomo anti Trans position. You must oppose it all. Or you end up accepting it. Accepting the promotion of homosexuality is clearly not “harmless”. Because accepting the promotion of homosexuality has led us to this point.

The rhetorical use of the phrase “conversion therapy” conjures up lurid images of young gay men and lesbians being unforgivably subjected to coercive, traumatic “cures” for their harmless sexual orientation. But this is far from the truth. Under the proposed legislation, doctors, counsellors, and therapists could be forced to simply affirm any child who claimed to be trans, or face potential prosecution for attempting to change the child’s identity.

Fascinating look at Tory infighting on this.

Globohomo got them to make a manifesto commitment to criminalize “conversion therapy”.

But another Tory MP said Ms Kearns was at fault, saying: “Alicia is not controllable by party managers, and she is very passionately involved in these trans issues, on the wrong side in my view. There is no managing someone like that.

“At some stage the Tory party was going to have to come to a position on these issues, and it has certainly caused confusion that the Scottish issue and the online safety issue came out on the same day.

“What Alicia will find out is that she is not the centre of gravity of the Tory party on this.

“The Prime Minister will face more pressure from the majority side of the party on this. This side believes that people should not be allowed to self-identify, it should not be allowed to medically alter anyone who is not an adult, and that women’s spaces need to be protected.

“The thing about Alicia is - when she is in full sail, she is in full sail. I’m not sure there is anything that party managers could have done.”

Another MP said: “Michelle Donelan’s announcement was all about fixing an issue with the Online Safety Bill, which had to be sorted out because it is a manifesto commitment.