Transhumanism Revolution: Oppression Disguised as Liberation


I didn’t sit and watch 54 hours of Donkey Kong either, but nobody died at least. However, that wasn’t on the YouTube channel. It’s also not a recreational activity that I’d recommend (not sure I’d agree with you it’s any healthier for children).

What was probably more remarkable was that the response was so great, I don’t think he expected anything like that, but it caught the imagination/zeitgeist somehow. Still doesn’t replace fully the lottery money Graham Linehan challenged.


Transgender for beginners: Trans, terf, cis and safe spaces – the Irish Times tells us what we are to think about transgenderism. Although it even mentions people who recovered from their mental illness before they took the drastic step of permanently mutilating their bodies, it’s plain that it’s not going to be politically correct to suggest as a generalisation that trans people are ill.


Una Mullally weighs in with predictable results…(amazing that she can’t see any difference between private and public bathrooms.) There are some other gems in there… … -1.3772465
Una Mullally: It’s not just Graham Linehan who needs to engage in some soul-searching

*… I’ve travelled to North Carolina to discuss with experts and activists one of the lightening rods of trans “debate”, the use of bathrooms by multiple genders, a concept that anyone who has a toilet in their house may be familiar with…"

The inevitable anti-man bit…

  • “With regards to the safety of women, which is often cited as a part of this “debate”, well, women are always at risk from predatory men, but it just goes to show how incapable we are of having an honest and frank conversation about male violence against women, that people will drag trans people into it as a diversionary proxy.”*

She goes on to speak about “LGBT people” (there is no such thing) and then complains about the “L’s” being lumped together.

“…Linehan frames us lesbians as a homogenous group, which is very obviously reductive, generalising, othering and demeaning, and exhibits the classic self-righteous supremacist mistake of denying diversity while attempting to acknowledge a minority…”*


what is it that’s actually upsetting you about the article?


Interesting. No matter how deviant that video is, even deviant folks fall rapidly behind the times. He says at the end “it’s fuckin’ 2017 man”, which perhaps explains his quaint idea that we can stick to sexual definitions when we talk about issues like abortion (10:07). But his transgender brethren have recently been up in arms, claiming that referring to abortion and contraception as female reproductive rights is transphobic. There truly are no limits.

I do genuinely feel sorry for men with these psychosexual ailments, but the more society attempts to normalise it the less sorry and the more affronted I feel.


why affronted?
That’s the bit I don’t understand. Why the whole thing bothers folk so much.

Couldn’t get my head around Graham Linehan’s obsession, and then a friend reminded me of the Trans episode of The IT Crowd, and apparently GL got a hard time and a lot of persecution for some choices in that. But he was actually probably trying to be fairly “right-on”, but just fell foul of some ignorance and some vocal interests that cut close to his identity maybe? I won’t pretend to understand him, but it gives some sort of angle.

Another good Contrapoints video is the one on Incels. She joins it up well with particularly maladaptive features of online trans communities, and personal experience.


@Col. Max Pyatnitski
I think perhaps you are seeking to personalize this topic by suggesting that this is just the wayward opinion of some misguided individuals.
Also, “I won’t pretend to understand him, but it gives some sort of angle.”, what’s all that about?

IMHO in reality this is an issue of Special interest vs. Public interest.


Because at this point the LGBTQCRAZY people just won’t leave people alone, if some lad gets it onto his head that he’s really a woman fair enough that’s his business, but he has no right to compel me to go along with his delusions or mental health issues

Also using schools to brainwash young children is very sinister IMO


Help! Help! I’m being repressed! :astonished:


Personally, I find myself surrounded by people whose views of the world are odd and often, frankly incomprehensible to me, but I can’t say that I’m much bothered by them.

Then again, I’m not too much bothered about the people who hold them. :smiley:

You lot (all of you) worry too much. There is only one sensible response to weirdos (a.k.a. the human race).

Just ignore the buggers.


Like the dude said, transgender activists appear to crave validation. They want/need the rest of us to buy into their delusion and are prepared to use legal force and coercion, even on the very young. That makes them a danger to society.


To a large extent that is how I see it.

If it’s that unclear, I’ll labour the point since you ask

I have already said I find his reactions/obsession very difficult to understand. Then I referred to the history of his own writing being harshly judged, and that this gave me at least a slight grip on a comprehensible motivation.
But even if that helped me parse Graham’s approach, I’m not so conceited to have any faith that I really understand him. Therefore, what I mean is that I do not claim to understand the full complexity of Graham Linehan’s personality or psyche.
There’s nothing perjorative in that at all. A lot of misunderstandings arise from presuming to understand the motivations and interiority of others; based, as it must be, on very narrow sample of their observed behaviour.

Special being the trans activists? What’s the impact on public interest?

Have either of you actually been coerced, threatened, or whatever in this regard? Even if this was a genuine hazard (which I also don’t see), it’s so niche that I just couldn’t get excited by it.

I know (or think I know) that Madness of Crowds is including me in the category of people “worrying too much” about this stuff; but basically I agree with MoC’s summation. I’d put this stuff in the category of “different strokes” and “live and let live”. I can understand why someone who identifies as trans will find themselves taking it all more personally, and perhaps feel insecure/threatened. Why anyone in the majority would feel threatened, though, is puzzling to me.


I won’t pretend to understand him”…but it seemed you were inferring you did, with the comments before that.

Special being the interests of one small group in society. Public interest being the wider society; the society as a whole (everyone).

IMHO this is being played as a identity politics/we’re victim routine by some groups. People are tired of that approach.

“Have either of you actually been coerced, threatened, or whatever in this regard?”
…taking a general topic and trying to make it personal.


No, but I detest lies and bullshit, it annoys me that the Government will pass laws in support of such obvious nonsense, and worse no elected politician has opposed this on any level, it all just sails through the Dail, like other issues, never any debate, just shut up and agree

Beyond the truth aspect, since I’m a man it doesn’t really effect me, as far as I can see the real downside is only for women, for the first time in God knows how long some feminists are right about something (like a stopped clock I suppose)

For example the man below wants to play Australian rules football with women

How will that work out for the women involved ? he’s 6 ft 1 and well built, if we were to reverse the situation, a woman playing against men poses no risk to the men, but she could well end up in hospital

I wonder if Paddy Power would take a bet that in the 2028 Olympics more than 50% of gold medals in the women’s track and field will be won by trans women, some people laugh but it might happen, anyone who opposes trans women competing would be transphobic

And its not only sports, the Labour Party in the UK has women only short lists for elections, so there was a debate a while back about trans women getting on the list, I’m not sure but I think the trannys won, how could they not, it would be phobic to oppose them, its always wrong to be phobic

If the Irishtimes ever want to sack Una Doollaly, all they have to do is replace her with a trans woman and Doolally could never complain


At the risk of pointing out the obvious, me and society are two different things. I guess you have the same view of societal good as Madness of Crowds, i.e. anything beyond your own front door is of very limited concern.

So you wouldn’t mind this guy sharing a bathroom with your teenage daughter? …

… or this guy teaching your toddlers:


That’s not really an English sentence… but I gather you’re struggling to understand what I’ve written. I’m not sure how much further you want me to go parsing out clauses/syntax etc., but it seems a bit daft to me.
PM if you genuinely do need help with it.

No, my point is that you seem to me to be portraying private hangups and obsessions as if they represented some great social issue.
But I don’t believe they do.

What they do is allow you to dodge personal ownership of opinions and attempt to hide in the crowd. “people are tired of that approach”… the dodge seems rather clear to me.


The bathroom stuff is odd.

How powerful do people really feel that the gender sign on the door is? Like someone prepared to transgress various societal taboos (e.g. rape, sexual harassment, etc.,) will be stopped by that?

It’s not like vampires that you have to “invite in”, and they cannot enter if you don’t.

In much of the world, there’s no legal force to it, it’s just a norm, and it’s violated often when necessary (e.g. women using gents when the women’s toilet is swamped, men using a women’s facility e.g. to access a baby changing area. However, there generally are laws against things like sexual assault, rape, sexual harassment, etc.,


Not the point. The point is whether anyone within is allowed to make a fuss about it. In some parts of the world, people following their natural instinct to scream about the invasion can now be accused of a crime.


@Col. Max Pyatnitski
Sorry if that was unclear to you. I hope this explains my point.

You said…
“Couldn’t get my head around Graham Linehan’s obsession”…[other bit left out]…“cut close to his identity maybe?”
Then you said at then end…
“I won’t pretend to understand him”

My point is that** you are pretending **you understand him.
In your opinion it is an obsession. In your opinion it, “cut close to his identity”. It’s conjecture.


@Col. Max Pyatnitski
Where am I
“portraying private hangups and obsessions as if they represented some great social issue.”

[My criticism was that you appeared in your posts to be psychopathologizing the individuals you disagree with.
This is not a valid form of argument.]


Who is that and what do they have to do with transexuals? Even if that person is unsuitable to teach toddlers, that doesn’t mean much in the general case.

I wouldn’t want these people teaching my children, but that doesn’t mean that my children can’t be taught by men, women or any other random category that one could imagine them falling into (Bread eaters, whatever)