Transhumanism Revolution: Oppression Disguised as Liberation

How did I never cop on to Nancy Kissinger before? :flushed:

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I know. Now… Tina Turner died today. I used to love her singing, and back then never thought about… but, what do you think of her neck? Her elbow angle & arms? I’m not sure, I was just looking at photos of her this evening. Flattish lower back, long legs, high calves.
Her surname was originally Bullock.


I dont think this is what’s going on though. They’re politicians, they have - or had - a reasonably canny sense of what will fly with the public or certainly would be briefed on it so regardless of the bubble they live in they could play the everyman card and waffle away inoffensively

We’re in different territory now, post covid where they are basically courting unpopularity at every turn by their constant negative view and school teacher attitude to everything - lock you up, flood your neighbourhoods, devalue your wages, call you racist, phobic, climate change etc etc

At some level they have to be asking their handlers when are we going to get our payoff for this? A lot of them are going to lose their jobs in the coming elections. I don’t think any of them actually believe women can have any penises in any real sense more than the fact that it benefits their career long term to do so - or perhaps more explicity they’ve been told or figured it out themselves theres no career for them if they don’t express these “beliefs”.


I know. Even aside from modern politicians (t video of Jacinda in the red dress is in replies I think) photos of some historical princesses and Queens are… a lot liked to wear neck chokers, or high lace collars…

Interesting. There’s certainly no campaign workers who’ll go door to door for a Terf. Biden announced the Trans agenda as the great civil rights issue of our time. So I personally believe that it’s a bit of a Cope to think “they’re not serious”. If you’re voting in favor of women with penises in your daughter’s changing room…you’re serious.

I think Progressives instinctively use the Destruction of 1900 Christian family type norms as their guiding star. They all instinctively understand that if we accept Trans then there’s no going back to pre WW1 world - a world of God, Nationalism and Straightness and zero feminism.

And look it in terms of how Varadkar lives his life. In which world can Varadkar kiss more young men on the dancefloor of the George? A world more like 1900 or a world with ever increasing “Trans acceptance”?

Varadkar wants this brave new world. You can cope yourself all you want about how he can’t really believe. He does.

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Many MPs have kinky private lives, it’s well known
So when Davey says of course women can have a penis
He’s probably referring to women with stapadichtomies


An interesting encounter between the Kissingers and a LaRouchite at an airport in 1982, with a very unladylike move from Nancy:

Mrs. Kaplan said she followed the Kissingers and asked him: ‘Mr. Kissinger, do you sleep with young boys at the Carlyle Hotel?’

At that point, she said, 'Nancy lunged at me and grabbed me by the throat. Then she pushed her face close to mine and said: ‘Do you want to get slugged?’

I also suspect this headline-“completely natural” and the manufactured quote in the NYT were to get a sly dig in-it’s such a bizarre thing for someone to say when asked about a friend’s wedding:

“If she were a man, she would have been a partner in one of those great conservative old Wall Street law firms"

Broke: “It’s woman!”
Woke: “It’s a man!”
Bespoke: “It’s a lizard!”

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I posted the Kissinger wife photos almost a month ago here It's Happening+++ - #961 by Open_Window

@Diana yes you are correct there has been an explosion of this kind of imagery and content appearing but keep in mind the now feasible AI component to make things even more complex in the discernment stakes.

Yes - saw blurry crotch shot of one singer, one person tried to say there was scrotal skin to either side of the leotard. Someone else posted a better photo, looks very clearly like a skin-tone dressing/sticker instead, as someone else said probably a modesty covering to avoid an embarrassing photo.

Some are photos I’ve seen elsewhere, but for all we know AI could have been up and running to a high level for some time already before the public launch.

Well the great man does turn 100 this Saturday, what better way to celebrate than out him as a tranny shagger. People might say I’m being a bit schizo over-analysing the NYT wedding article but when I read it I remembered another sly salacious dig related to the Nixon administration I spotted in The Washington Post of all places:

Mo Dean says there’s “a little bit of me” in all of the characters, including the voluptuous high-priced hooker Echo Bourne.

That article was 4 years before the publication of ‘Silent Coup’ which the very same WaPo called “a byzantine piece of revisionism.”

The prostitution ring/sex tape involving Mo Dean version of Watergate is the one Liddy et al maintained was true till their deaths and is the most logical IMO…

This is an interesting compromise. But it’s incoherent. The grassroots “inclusivity” angle suggests that, at some level, transwomen are women. They are not.

Interesting joint smear campaign in the media allied to an anti-fa urine protest street campaign. My sympathy is limited for feminists like Baroness Falkner whose arguments are now used against them. “hurt feelings” vs threats and bottles of urine

The complaints made by the civil servants were dismissed as “ideological”, “vexatious” and a “political chess game” by the equality chief’s allies, who said she was “determined to fight this”.
The dossier, which was said to contain 40 allegedly vague allegations, bemoaned “a lack of psychological safety, i.e. the fear of who will be attacked next” and staff were “worried that the commission is becoming an unsafe place to work”. Another was said to have taken issue with someone rolling their eyes.
The events coincide with the EHRC’s attempt to defend gender-critical views in the transgender debate since Lady Falkner took charge, which has infuriated trans activists.
This included Lady Falkner advising ministers earlier this year to update the definition of “sex” in the 2010 Equality Act to make clear that it refers to biological sex, not any self-ascribed identity.

On Thursday, 54 peers wrote to Ofcom, the broadcasting regulator, to “condemn in the strongest terms” a report into the furore by Channel 4 News earlier this week which saw 20 current and former disgruntled staff make “emotive, one-sided and unsubstantiated” anonymous claims about the EHRC’s chair and expert commissioners.
The peers said Channel 4 News’s report on Tuesday night did not even “attempt to provide both sides of the argument” with Cathy Newman, the presenter, interviewing a little-known trans activist, Emma Laslett, and the Left-leaning Tory MP Caroline Noakes without any voices in support of Baroness Falkner.

The peers claimed that “none of the other EHRC commissioners were approached for comment; nor was there any proper representation of opposing points of view”, nor was there any mention of “the immense amount of abuse Baroness Falkner has been subjected to, both on social media and in real life”.
This included masked trans activists placing bottles of urine outside the EHRC offices in Westminster on May 15, which reportedly led to police erecting a cordon and carrying out a controlled explosion.

Here is Kishwer Falkner in action. From February. Tying herself up in knots. “Transgenderism is real. Except when it’s not!”

The latest pressure arises from the polarised debates about the rights of transgender people, who face hate crime and barriers to changing their legal gender, such as excessively long waiting times for gender identity clinics. This is wrong and we have been lobbying government to do something about it. We have also been upholding the rights of transgender people at work, in recent legal interventions with employers.

Where we have modified our position on self-ID for trans people or the Gender Recognition Act, we have done so because new evidence about the tension between trans and women’s rights is emerging. Only last week, there have been seemingly contradictory legal judgments on the meaning of “sex” in law. Other cases are in the pipeline. Recently, public responses to our strategic plan have shown a huge increase in concern about these competing rights.

Last month, I wrote to the Scottish government to advise that further consideration is needed to some specific aspects of the proposals, to take account of issues raised in relation to data collection, single-sex service provision and new case law. I said absolutely nothing to suggest any wavering of our commitment to trans rights.

When a person like this considers Ireland a Trans-friendky paradise, we’ve got big problems.