Treasury, Smyth in discussions over how to run Nama

You could try to make it up, but you’d struggle…

holy smoke…its like asking Fred West how to run a parenting course…

What the hell!!!

Aye, if you’ve 2.1m sq ft in Tallaght, you’d love it to be “banded” with the same value as your smaller developments in Glasnevin, Terenure, etc.

Article got cut a lot but worth saying that Nama’s reaction to Smyth’s proposals was that it was “excellent”. He made it in May and some of the suggestions made a lot of sense. Some of them have since been taken up with Nama but haven’t checked whether they were already in circulation or not. Have to say he thought valuations should be done quickly and therefore proposed easiest possible method of that and not a bad one if you think, for example midlands land with planning permission worth about E10,000 an acre x whatever amoutn of holdings etc. Beats individual evaluations and associated costs for every damned property in the country. Worthless x 10 is still worthless

Thanks for the background info.

All I can say is reassuring to know its business as usual in Ireqland.

Ive said it from day one,“Anglo” was FF and their cronies own private Bank,and now that they fucked it up,this NAMA will become their new playground.Transparency zilch.These same fuckers will recoup all their losses over time at our expense.Young Brennan the little fuck and the rest of them are laughing their arses at us.What did that Golden Circle bastard say last year oh yea “nobody is going to fuck with our Bank”.“shorting our shares the fuckers”…and these are the type of people we are getting excellent ideas from. Jasus give Me a break already. :angry: