Just saw on their site now that they’re discontinuing the website as they’re not covering their costs.

What an absolute shame.

I agree was probably the best site for keeping track of price drops. I was waiting for the 24th of October report but to no avail :frowning:

On the bright side, a new (fixed) version of property-bee is being tested and will be released soon.

All will be well.

Perhaps the owners bought a house?

Oh well… over to

Thats a pity are the people who run it on here by any chance? If you are please PM me Open Window.

Very sorry to hear that. Excellent site. I don’t suppose Lenihan would give them a grant…? :wink:

So if I had a business selling overpriced property to gullible “investors”, I would be deemed to be in need of State protection and get whatever I need, as well as the right to denounce anyone who questioned this, as a begrudger, etc.

However, if I run a website providing objective information to all who need it, I cannot cover my costs.

May the Lord have mercy on our souls.

Are the pin going to take it onboard and continue running it ?

We still publish bi-weekly reports for sales and rentals at

Data for rental is updated daily while sales is updated weekly.

Gutted. That was part of my Sunday routine. The trends were very informative. I would have liked to get one more year to see the effects of the upcoming budget.

One the other hand I wouldn’t have a problem chucking a fifty into an envelope. (no I’m not a politician). Just a thought.

The EAs should fund it. If they had an ounce of sense they’d realise it probably did more for them in this collapsed market than anything else as it brought sense to vendors’ expectations.

We should in fact press all TDs to implement the open Sales price agreed database as agreed in the revised Programme for Govt; once we have this we area huge step forward.

To Dreaded Estate etc. Hats off Sir for your effort over the years; you have opened my eyes.

If you look at the wording in the PfG, I’d be a little sanguine about the prospect of anything real emerging.

It’s a real pity to see this website go. A very useful and informative site. Well done and thanks to those who ran it up until now (if they are on here).

Update has been released a few mins ago, it tried and tested.

Me too, all seems to be working!

I notice the site doesn’t have google ads, or anything similar.
That would be one way of raising funds.

Edit: Ignore that. I see there are actually google ads.

What a shame.

I’m curious as to what the costs are. Hosting a website is pretty cheap, it’s more the time and effort that goes into it. So maybe this is a way of saying the owner doesn’t have the time to spend on it.

If it is just a matter of costs, I’m sure we could all chip in a few quid each to keep it going.

Or maybe it could pool resources with other similar sites like IrishPropertyWatch or PropertyVultures and reduce duplication of effort.

+1 - I’d definitely donate to this worthy cause.

But if we do that we’ll need a bailout from in a year’s time.

Unless of course tressdontgrowtothesky is of systemic importance.