Trevor Sargent in hot water over letter to Gardai

Trevor Sergant in hot water over letter to Gardai to get a prosecution dropped against a person
Ethics in High places - Wha
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You are the weakest link… goodbye.

Now, next round…

Eh, from the details earlier, it didn’t say he asked to get the prosecution dropped but asked that the Gardai investigate further, implications whatever…

I’m no fan of Sargent but this seems a little grasping and it was no big deal for Maire Geoghan Quinn was it…

And that excuses it?

I for one demand higher standards from all… not a continuation of the past.
TS should be doubly condemned over this over his demanding of higher standards while he was in oppostion.

It’s truly staggering to see the greens in power… never has the old saying ‘absolute power corrupts absolutely’ apply.
Whatever hope/exectation I would have had that they may have been capable of setting a new standard has been rubbished during their term in power.

Irony much? I don’t condemn TS because he operates exactly as I expected him to operate and based on previous form.

I know you lot give out to me about being jaded but jaysus, how are you so naieve?

Ha Ha, on your bike, Trevor!!

The important thing is climate change, peak oil, taxation of greenhouse gases, sustainble wind turbines etc.

We should ignore Trevor’s indiscretions because of the over-riding importance of these critical issues.


Is it naieve to expect more from public representatives?
Are you for real?

It may be naieve to be surprised by this stuff but optimistic would be the term I’d place on my expectations.

a bit of fianna fail muckraking i’d imagine

In general, yes.

This is a man who said he’d never take the Greens into Govt with FF? This is small beer in comparison to that fudge… Ethics? Standards?

This is Ireland.

Its on Joe now. Its gonna be a fun afternoon.

Any odds on the Gubberment falling?

Well, thing about this is all TDs do it… So it’s going to be a tad hypocritical getting upset over a Junior Minister for Food, it depends wholly on the content of the letters really… Which we continue to ignore…

I thought a TD making representations to the Gardai or courts about the good character of constituents was fairly standard practice. Part of the job spec even.

I know. Your probablly right. Just the more of it that comes out ( From all sides as I believe all of them to be the same ) the more sickening it is .

And the more you realise that the whole fn country is built on " its who you know, not what you know". The country is a cess pool of strokes, backhanders and winks.

And whats worse is its pretty much the same everywhere else aswell. :unamused:

Hopefully… it might lead to this lot being removed and lead to an election.
If only to hear what wonderful promises we can expect to here :slight_smile:

I expect naievity in terms of the electorate… but I do expect more from my public representatives.
I agree that it would be naieve of me to expect to get more from our current representatives but I still expect a higher standard from our representatives. I just don’t expect to get it.

Don’t know where to begin with that sentence! :stuck_out_tongue:

If it is FF payback, which it does look like, and it leads to an election, which is a risk, there must be some very bad news rolling down the turnpike…

More proof, if required, that politics is irrelevant and nonsensical. It detracts from the real issues and provides cover for those with the real power.

If its so important, how does society continue to function for 5 months every summer when the Dail is shut down?

Do people really think that Lucinda Creighton or Thomas Byrne are going to solve their problems? If you met these people in a pub you would walk away from them.

The system simply feeds itself by rewarding these type of individuals simply because they are more suited to its disfunctionality. It is simply a form of autopoiesis in action.


I don’t see what the big deal is here.