Trevor Sargent in hot water over letter to Gardai

Without seeing the letters in question, it’s hard to see also but it’s on Joe Duffy so there’s a chance of something bizarre happening! :stuck_out_tongue:

I was expecting as much :slight_smile:

Ok, well forget for one moment that every other leech in the dail is doing exactly the same…

Now do you think it’s ok for an elected member of the dail to write a letter to the Gardai asking charges to be dropped against a private citizen?

The Herald? I’m sorry, we’ll need the actual letter! :stuck_out_tongue:

What? you don’t trust the herald to accurately report the facts!!! For shame!! :slight_smile:

What ever the content of the letter a TD should not be making representations to the gardai on behalf of private citizens. I don’t care if they all do it, they shouldn’t.

No point saying sure they are all it, doesn’t make it right.

As an earlier poster said, it’s kind of part of the job spec…

Not wishing to cause any ofence here, but I suspect that some TDS ( from some areas) are susier with this kind of thing than others. IYKWIM. :nin

There not all at it anyway…

Bertie seems to have packed it all in :wink: (Now if you need a book signed :slight_smile: )

Statement is due at 5pm today from Trev

Loads of time to clear out the desk so.

Surely Trev runs a paperless office… Except for letter writing o’course…


It’s scalpin’ time boys. Trev’s lovely coif will look even lovelier dangling from someone’s belt.

You could say lots here:

He should have known better.
He should have politely declined to get involved.
He should have realised the potential such actions had for seriously negative outcomes.

But in truth he could not resist it. Power and sticky fingers go together like a paedophile and a collection of children’s underwear.

Will Gormless, fresh from his denunciation of Pancho O’Dea, have the nerve to put Sargent out of his misery?

Fucked if he does and fucked if he doesn’t. That’s zugzwang.

It’s like watching a group of people commit collective career suicide in slow motion. No wait - that’s is exactly what it is.

DDDA report imminent. Don your sh*t proof goggles

Yes, but he’s not allowed to even do that, according to Paul Reynolds on the News at 1 who quoted legislation prohibiting interference by anyone in a prosecution/investigation.

Whatever he did, it was naive and very, very stupid.

Maire GQ was a different situation. Under 1951 legislation, Ministers for Justice were given powers to commute fines, etc, imposed by the judiciary but this power was later lessened. From memory I think she used that power upwards of 4,000 times. (open to correction on that). But it can’t be used in that way now and neither McDowell nor Ahern have used it at all.

The Sargent thing is political meddling in criminal investigation/prosecution and I imagine the delay on this was that the Herald couldn’t run with it - even if they knew about it, until the case had been heard.

Either way he’s gone. It will be a slow political withering or a sharp pruning, but he’s gone.

Notwithstanding any of the above and I think it still remains to be seen whether he advocated interference, etc.

But Trev was the poll topper in Dublin North, as far as I know he’s been jettisoned as a Junior Minister as part of the budget cuts so what is he gone from?

He’ll be independent GP at that rate? Could kill the Green Party but that’s about the size of it… Can’t see Gormless pulling the trigger on this one…

EDIT: I stand corrected…

He held onto his junior ministry… This is a sad day for food everywhere in the Republic…

But can you see the FF’ers looking for a tribute in return for Wee Willie ?

You’ll have a lot of FF inbreds howling for his skin re payback for wee willie and they’ll have to be bate down again into their proper places by the whips.

Looks like he’s going to have to go after being so high and mighty himself about political standards. Looks from the outside like a set up by FF as payback on Willie.

In fairness though, if he is found to have been interfering with a Garda investigation he should resign and publicly call on all other TDs who’ve done likewise to resign as well.

Going, going, gone…