Troika out the door - sweeties for all

I truly despair

Noonan signals possible income tax cut in Budget … -1.1626123



Just wait till the public sector Unions lodge claims for restoration of pay and pension cuts next year.

Income taxes too high, IDA: … 34569.html

A pity he wasn’t so vocal about the patent cliff when he was head of life sciences at the IDA.

FF = massive overspend in public spending funded by uncontrolled banking
FG = conversion of banking debt to private sector to hold onto bulk of overspend

Trokia has left the nation soaked in incredible amounts of debt and helped our Government lie about our debt sustainability

Now we get the chorus of ‘green jersey’ government+public service+media to tell the private sector to ‘gear up’ again

Anybody who can count knows that we are getting no reduction in income taxes

If interest rates rise, we are getting further increase (due to the high levels of debt we are left with)

Your public service (incl. Government) needs you to due your duty to fund their increments / pensions

Nothing else matters …

Income tax will rise in line with the interest payments on the debt.

Fiscal Monitor - Taxing Times → … mindex.htm
October 2013

full text → … fm1302.pdf

Unlikely next year. Due in 2016 for pay under HRA. Pension levy here to stay I would guess.

I’d like for the Government to stop cutting my salary and worsening my terms of employment first. (I know that may be a minority view here though.)

Failure to implement troika reforms a recipe for disaster - → … 23289.html

Revealed: Top-level talks with Troika weeks before bailout - Nick Webb → … 38694.html

From Twitter Enda to announce a free bottle of Bud for every taxpayer closest thing we’ll get to a giveaway Bud yet !!! :-GC

I’d prefer wine with my cheese.

I’d prefer whine with my cheese

Fixed that for you (in an austerity way ) :laughing: