Troika outline their Budget 2013 expectations, Times … tml?via=mr

and they ain’t happy with the performance of the government and the last Budget!

I don’t think to many are happy with the performance of the government in the last budget.

It was a massive can kicking exercise, done at a time when the government enjoyed massive support an overwhelming majority - an opportunity missed. The mood will not be the same in 11 months time when the next budget is to be presented.


They had a chance to make the tough calls. They could have slashed welfare and ripped up Croke park to load cheers from much of the population

Fine Gael though are running everything by focus group and opinion poll. They must have done the sums and found that welfare recipients plus public servants is too big a constituency to piss off

They probably also worked out that the “the much of the population” would not remember this type of decision in the next general election, but the Welfare and PS community, would. Pity they didn’t realise this straight after the election, when they could have pinned the blame on FF. Now they know the electrate will probably never link the dots, and will do everythyinhg in their power to keep the status quo going.