Trump X - The Synchronicity Chronicles



/pol/ (4Chan) recently discovered a book titled, “Baron Trump’s Marvellous Underground Journey,” which resides in the Congressional Archives of the United States.

Written in the 1890’s by author Ingersoll Lockwood "an American political writer, lawyer and novelist,"according to this Newsweek article which recently picked up on the story.

You can read the entire book online here -
(e-reader formats appear to be available)

The other book, “1900 or The Last President,” you can also read here -

More from the newsweek article:

In the world of synchronicities, this is* big league.* :nin


The first Trump movie offshoot?


It wouldn’t be the Trump X thread without a connection to Tesla via Trumps uncle.


In a 2011 CNN interview by phone. Donald Trump uttered the follwoing words, "…pizzagate eh and Anthony Weiner gate…," while being questioned about his previous appearance with Antony Weiner on the very same Piers Morgan show.

Donald Tumps use of the term “pizzagate” in 2011, relates to pictures and reports showing at least Sarah Palin eating pizza using forks. Oh the humanity. :open_mouth: I am not sure who coined the phrase at the time. It does not in anyway relate to the 2016 story that broke a number of weeks before Trump’s election win.

For those not familiar with eh background here is one report that covers the ongoing story in May of this year.

Today’s news.

The significance of this synchronicity in one way can be illustrated by this 2016-2017 google trends chart here.