Truth and The IPAV..whats different then ??

We have had to endure a painful week where the windbaggerati of the IT property section confronted the thorny twin issues of Truth and Auctioneers . I thought the auctioneers conceded the point .

Then a friend brought this ad to my attention today :open_mouth:

First a picture

Now a description

Where exactly is the fucking THATCH ???*

I can certainly see a scrim of weeds growing along the top of the walls on top of a hulk that’s open to the skies .

€195k for a thatched cottage with no thatch is a bit rich , very 2006 to my eyes.

Now more description

I see Briars people , not shrubs. Only a D4 type would call a briar a shrub .

2 Pack your standards are much to high :unamused:

all I want is a ROOF over my head :slight_smile:

thats what a THATCH is .

Superb view of the stars and open plan.

Open Plans are not VERTICAL Duplex , jeez :frowning:

I think some of the mature trees & shrubs are actually in the Kitchen.

Ive never seen a velux that big before. :smiley: