Try to be positive about negative equity

I did’nt think this deserved its own thread because it reads like Isobel wrote it - I think it was the haughty schoolteacher tone that did it.

To me it says

Settle down.
Tough luck.
Be quiet.
Don’t move.
Deal with it.
Shit happens.
It 's your own fault anyway.
Enjoy it if you can.


Whoever wrote that deserves a slap.

Thank God for that. Anyone who ever bragged about the value of their home should be slapped.

It seems fair enough to me. Have you any other options if you are in this situation?

It sounds like someone saying you bought so you lost, deal with it moron and move on, NEXT :open_mouth:

Well you did lose. In a big way. I didn’t get the moron part from it.

Its a cheeky statement masquerarding as a little bit of advice when you have just been shafted due to possibly your own stupidity or lethargy or that of the market and to me it has moron written all over it.

all the same, it has garnered enough replies for a new thread so I’ve split it off

Don’t remember myhome coming out with that little gem in 2006/07! :smiling_imp:

Someone better tell Marie Hunt about this.

Whilst not calling them morons - to me, it does something much more invidious:

From my reading of this, on a property website, it is basically stating that the fault for the current predicament a person in negative equity finds themselves is with themselves.

A property website owned by a newspaper pulling in huge advertising fess for ensnaring the very person it now preaches to.

Does this remind you of anything?

Living in negative equity makes life more interesting*

*in the ‘may you live in interesting times’ mode

I wonder what wisdom she’d dispense to unemployed in NE?

Pay a visit to this website now! :laughing:

Of course you do. Renting is dead money.

where were you back in 2000-06? We could have done with this advice then

Oh yeah schilling property that’s where :imp:

Glee rule?

At least one moderator has already posted here so I guess it must be kosher.

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was wondering where this post had gone to!

I want to add that it is very nice of them to dismiss this as a matter of “a whole other issue” with no more said. Hell yeah it is a whole other issue - if this really puts anyone at ease then in my opinion they have developed stockholm syndrome.

:question: :question: :question:
As if NE wasn’t bad enough do you have to spend money feeding the damn thing now? XX