Tucker Carlson Speech before leaving Fox

Child sacrifice

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When you see the “menace” and it’s everywhere and you’ve been part of the magic media matrix.

I can see these short clips being strung together to great an ad hoc life coach meme.

A clip form Tucker last show

The state that the Daily Telegraph has fallen to is shocking. Britain’s moral decline is astonishing. They hired a radical feminist to smarm at Tucker

She has criticized married women in the past: “Marriage’s history is about treating women as property, and by being married you’re legitimising that history.”


She seems to be their “Culture Critic”. Fking hell. Look at her other views.


Books, Ammo and Gold.

And I…

Leave it with yis.

So…they’re taking out Trump. They’ve taken out Tucker - the propagandist they hate the most, the one whose work gets shared by all their enemies and is normie-friendly.

All their plans always backfire in the end. But it’s gonna be a rough few years.

Nice message. The best message. The one message that matters. Lots of views. Many views. The most views. A big message with big views. A BIG view. The biggest. Bigly.

Carlson broadcasting fully clothed from his sauna??


Claire Byrne, broadcasting fully clothed, from inside Wanderly Wagon

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Tucker man bad say peeps in slimes.

Does that really qualify as a tirade

Imo his biggest crime by far, is that he might have used the “C” word, in private messages, and thats why he had to go lol

The Irish times is a joke

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Here’s our favourite TV actress AOC slowly repeating “very clearly incitement to violence” the day before the sacking. The fakery and manipulation is just pathetic at this stage…

Not a word about Assange or TC, its different with Carlson of course, he has millions, so no real need to worry about him