Turkey is it about to erupt

I’ve been keeping an eye on twitter and various news sites things seem to be escalating fairly quickly in Turkey this is NOT good

guardian.co.uk/world/video/2 … kara-video

…over plans to build on a park in the centre turns violent

Whats going on?..




Has the Government blinked ???sign of weakness or confident they can re group and crush their opponents ??

edition.cnn.com/2013/06/01/world … index.html

What is happening in Istanbul? defnesumanblogs.com/

Thanks for posting. The ongoing abuse of basic human rights is truly appalling.

Turkish friend says that many people have been killed but I do not see any reports of deaths on the news?

I’d be really surprised if the Turkish authorities let this get out of control.

Media reporting on this is woeful.
I’m staggered that this is isn’t headline news even in UK.

Twitter (Erdogan blames social media) is the place to be…especially if proactive in the demo!

More tear gas fired on protestors in Ankara, apparently.
Al Jazeera live blog: blogs.aljazeera.com/liveblog/topic/turkey-protests-20176

Some of the twitter tags being used: #direngeziparki , #occupygezi , #occupytaksim

abc.net.au/news/2013-06-03/a … ne/4728664

news.sky.com/story/1098327/turke … 0-arrested

These are the only reports I can find. Allegedly there is a video online of police driving through crowds. No idea if legit or propaganda and I`m not about to go looking for such a video!

Looks like the best thing to do would be to call an election no?

thejournal.ie/turkish-pm-mai … 9-Jun2013/

Television Kept Showing Miss Turkey And The ‘Strangest Cat In The World’

Getting quite a bit of coverage Stateside. Reports that it has spread to 80 cities etc. However I can’t remember what news channel I saw it on as I was flicking channels before work (may have been Fox in which case the usual caveats apply).

Edit: here it is on CNN
cnn.com/2013/06/03/world/eur … ?hpt=wo_c1



reminds me of something

A lot of the protestors are young - even secondary school level. They seem to be mightily pissed off with Erdogan’s paternalist-authoritarianism.
He’s left the country and is visiting North Africa, afaik.

Their all into democracy these days. Islamic democracy. From what I have heard all the college bars were shut down this year. It’s about the only thing that would cause a riot.

Always a bad sign when they want to change he constitution to get extra terms, a real marker of authoritarianism.

does all this mean turkey wont be able to invade Syria?

I expect that some of the ire directed at the government is to do with Turkey’s shameful role in the Syrian conflict. Something like 70% of Syrians support Assad at this stage, a point hardly lost on their Turkish neighbors.

Meanwhile, the ultras are putting their shoulder to the wheel.

al-monitor.com/pulse/origina … z2VI0jjQNM

where do you get this 70% number from

its more or less a religious war now and the alawites are not 70% of the country