Turn ghost hotels into minimum security prisons

These two threads got me thinking


White collar criminals don’t go to jail in this country and there are too many fine defaulters etc in Mountjoy. Also a prisoner costs about 80k per year in Ireland to keep in jail. Mountjoy is a drug infested place and should only be for violent offenders.

We should be getting all the white collar criminals and fraudsters and putting them in whatever damp midlands hotel we can get, they can cook for themselves and maintain the place while they’re at it and have a minimum number of security with them, preferably a private security firm at €12 per hour (the security guards are there anyway minding the place).

Hopefully sending white collar criminals to jail would be seen then as a less serious thing than the Hole of Calcutta aspects of Mountjoy. And we’d get more white collar criminals doing a stint in jail.

That’s an excellent idea, from an initial view. I can see people maybe objecting that it is not ‘prison’ enough, but the alternative seems to be no ‘prison’ at all (i.e. even if the cases come to trial, the chances of a custodial sentence of any duration are low, I reckon).

Can you just imagine the reaction of the victor meldrews over on P.ie?

I have foreseen that argument but I can’t think of a good response yet to “why are we differentiating between Tiger kidnappers and Fraudsters they should both slop out”


  • its cheaper
  • we’ve always had minimum security prisons. I knew a guy who did a stint in Shelton Abbey in Wicklow in the 80s. He used to go for a pint with prison officers during his sentence and play tennis. So he said.
  • they’d be working and maintaining stuff. Prisoners in Mountjoy do nothing.
  • they’re not “hardened criminals”

Tiger kidnappers do much more harm than fraudsters.

Not in the vicent brown world. Austerity cutbacks cause deaths, privileged going easy on their own kind etc