Turnapin Santry - Residents protest Migrant Refugee Asylum Unit 29

Far right Nazi Grannies. The worstist kind of Nazi.

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@BlameGame , i think they might be reading your newsletter.

"have insisted they are “not racists or facists”

No, just don’t go there, period.

“Call us what you like”


First they came with the names, nobody did anything
Then they came with the stick and stones…



It used to be cops would have several homes in different places, after being posted around the country.
They’ll do well out of housing the homeless foreigners.

We knew this was coming. It will get worse again.


You would have thought Drew Harris would understand what happens when you ban peaceful protest. So this is intentional then.

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New gardai are like everyone else now. Its only the older cohort.

The politicians are out on the media doubling down. Protestors need to triple down. The general public has let too much go without a fight. It has emboldened them


Organised crime at international military scale

Tis good so it is.

Indeed. There is much more to think about isn’t there!


Obviously the media of the last few days especially Friday was a concerted psy-op on the Irish people using Minister and foreign heads of police but when cowards are feel brave when in a pack, they can’t help themselves let slip.


I was there for a while earlier and took the opportunity to look around-I predict the businesses in the industrial estate will be the ones who get this place shut down, or maybe even the staff at the Revenue facility. This is going to be a total disaster-even if you were to take everything the authorities are doing at face value, this is just a shockingly poor decision.

We’ve seen the inside of these new ‘warehouse’ setups on other threads so obviously 300 men are going to be hanging around outside all summer. With the M50 and purely industrial/commercial to the north the residents will be either sitting on the low walls all day or heading south and arsing around Santry Demesne, which is now a no-go for women. All those freight companies right beside it-DPD, FedEx etc-will be like dangling sweeties in front of these gougers.


The should be ashamed to call themselves An Garda Siochana. The Guardians of the peace. Sowing some rotten seeds.

What a flawed system we have. Public representatives dont listen or represent us and our police are people trafficking.


Harris & Harris


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