T'was the night before Christmas (Pinsters version)

To those mentioned I apologize, its only a bit of craic. If anyone wants to add verses feel free to do so

Twas the night before Christmas and in flats and in houses
Those Pinsters were clicking like mad on their mouses
Each one had agendas about different things
Now they wondered what Christmas would bring
Evilal was a good boy he’d outed Bord Gais
So he’d get a SCD mansion and a little spare Cash
WGU pissed at the state of the nation
Decided twas time to go on vacation
Those ghost estates they looked like the Somme
So he had move out to Japlandic.com
Open Window the Wise, the Pins own seer
Had sunken his teeth into a few beers
And thanks to the joys of water and grain
He was floating quite nicely on his own Astral Plane.
Yogan the cool sat in Midlands splendour
Cursing Pat Kenny who sought debt surrender.
He vowed to use all his computer skills
To prove these debt monkeys could pay all their bills
Doubleglaze and others checked the Western Market
If Odonnellan and Joyce had reached their new target.
Each house in Galway that they didn’t sell
If you bought it now you got another as well
Boyracer whose searching the Net was eternal
Hoped for a Sub to the New Farmers Journal
Fkall and Coles2 whose posts were so slating
Continued their public Pin mass debating
Neither could see what the saw plain
And both thought the other a little insane
In the case of FK he had had so much strife
I think he was Landlord in a previous life.
So we’ve come up to Christmas and we face a New Year,
I hope its a good one with out too much fear.
I wish you good cheer this is only in jest
From the Peoples Republic Good night and God Bless

Many thanks for all the knowledge and fun through out the year. You all put a bit of perspective on the Lunatic asylum we call Ireland


That’s awesome discontu.

Brilliant, overpinned shmoverpinned

Great stuff. Cheers me up no end!


a Corkonian called Discostu
sed (s)he was disgusted
at the shite spouted on the telly
by Johnny Joe Joe Jamesie Kelly
(the councillor from Kilkenny)

TUG, we need a few lines on the The Unwelcome Guest. Any taker?


My lawyer said no :laughing:

Bravo Stu!


A very merry Christmas to all of this parish.

Blue Horseshoe

2012 saw a brief visit from TUG
Pinsters gave him a virtual hug
His opinions all spent
In no time he went
with his signature eye roll and shrug

Excellent Homemaker, we shall start a commune in Greenwich village

What about bermuda?

Patient, patient shortly the world will be ours meeehhh (Lots of those not on the Piston now wondering whats going on)

Great stuff!! Many happy returns. 8DD

Brilliant! I am honoured to be included!

NO Problem Evil still snorting about those BGE chairs :laughing:

That’s brillant. How do people come up with these things, I’m totally useless at it.

BTW, I didn’t get a mention… gutted, maybe next year aye? :smiley:

Mossy I’m only biding my time,… :stuck_out_tongue: