Twitter embeds are now broken 'cause Musk [fix applied]

Changes previously announced by Elon Musk have now taken affect that break embeds of twitter links on this platform and what is required to render them and now requires a considerable cost to maintain. Things might change IMHO if they see traffic collapse and paying accounts close or a alternative way to embed tweets may appear.

Eitherway, this is another good reason not to patronise Twitter. There is no guarantee it is not full Menace, and this is only a pivot to keep control by looking all “free speech”, however the suspensions and censorship did relax, but that could be part of the “act”, nothing less than the honey in the pot.

You can of course still post a link, the embed preview box will not build, but the link is clickable like any other hyper link.


We have a fix! :slight_smile:

Testing testing 1, 2…