Two men Attacked a Girl in Limerick Assault caught on camera

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I have not seen comment on this exactly but the video clearly shows two men attacked this girl. She was rounded up on, and it looks like this is not the first time they’ve pulled this move. Watch closely.

The larger African looking man over-reached to push the girl into the smaller guy’s zone of reach, by putting her off balance causing her to lunge forward, while the guy on the right has already widened his legs for max stability and force, in anticipation of delivering what could be a fatal punch, the girl collapsed on impact, the bus man beeped his horn heroically.

She displays zero situational awareness, probably drink on her or something else, or tired and emotional, but that excuses nothing, and she may have swung a messy dig earlier as some speculate, but who knows what was going on before hand all we have is this video.

In a split second she was attacked by two men in brutal fashion.

This is not the behaviour of any men I know or an expectation of male behaviour Ireland.

Upper body strength of average male is double or more a females.

Women need to have better situational awareness than this in this #IrelandForAll Utopia hellscape.

a) don’t do it / don’t get involved
b) move away / keep distance
c) never turn your back

Another day another new low benchmark for an unrecognisable Ireland.

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Any idea what the lad went by on here?

Anon is anon.