Two names in the hat for NAMA chairman

Two state bodies, one of which has already been used to defraud the Irish taxpayer, and the other which is being set up with the clearly stated intention of defrauding the Irish taxpayer, and they both could be run by two people sharing the same bed? I really shouldn’t be surprised.

Well then cut your valuations. What do you want, a fucking prize?


Richard, I think that’s God trying to tell you something.


Good thing the original estmated propert values were so hgh to leave this wriggle room :angry: .

That’s my bus coming there now. Wish we could chat longer :slight_smile: .

CPI closed down after legal threat → … 703527.ece

So now you know why Frank Connolly was shut down. Not to worry we now have “sound” establishment people on the case. For the guys in the Tribune Diarmuid Doyle has another part of the jigsaw.

The CPI was investigating the State’s purchase of the Thornton Hall land at the time it was shut down also

When I saw McDowells name come up on this this morning I really couldn’t believe it. Michael McDowell has shown nothing in his career in politics or in his subsequent actions that suggests that he could be considered for this job. You could be head of NAMA if you had strong experience of financial matters (banking, accountancy for example) or had shown yourself to be capable of managing a large troubled and unpopular organisation by your strong leadership and cool head. I think I can rest the case on that. We then come to the conflict of interest on DDDA vs Nama. That’s just not on in any way. I was concerned about Niamh Brennans appointment to the DDDA - a forensic accountant would have been a much better appointment than an academic - but I did feel that she at least was honest and intelligent. The only thing I can draw from this latest kite is that FF are anxious to tip plum jobs (and the associated money) towards the McDowell-Brennan household? I wonder why? Is it just nostalgia, an old pals act?