two what's it worths in Glasthule/Dun Laoghaire … ire/202557 … ule/141841

Fill in the square footage yerself. Sure didn’t we say it’s spacious?

350k and 120k. Take it or leave it. LOL.

I think

says it all. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah no the first one is a lovely looking house, still at close to bubble prices unfortunately. At its current price its asking an astonishing 5575 per square meter, rich by anyone’s standards. Good value (at the moment) would be low 3000’s per square meter. I would thus make it worth about 450k (as in thats what someone would pay for it at the moment).

The second one does not give square footage, and therefore is hard to quantify. Assuming its probably less than half the size of the first house, 200k approximately.

would sell for 300 and 550 today. If left on market longer will sell for less.

Lovely area: sea, dart, shops.

198k & 366,775 no more no less would be my offer here


I am give to understand that Rosmeen has gone sale agreed in or around the asking price.

I am now convinced Dublin has lost leave of its senses!

The cat is have been hit by a line of cars yet there is bounce left in it.

I find that hard to believe too. I viewed this place and it looks a whole lot better in the pictures. The garage isn’t actually a garage - just a very drafty garage door into a utility room. The back yard has a lane & the dart behind it. Place needs money to make it a decent home.

Mr P.Hantom again… he is all over the place in SCD at the mo.

Well if it was P. Hantom he just caused the cancellation of my viewing!

No doubt it is sale agreed but who can say how close to the asking price. According to an EA I spoke with, every house in Kildare is going for within 10% of the asking price.

Interesting - if true.

There were two big price falls in comps over the weekend.

  1. 3 Albert Road (from 850 to 795k)

  2. 6 Carisle Terrace (from 975 to (900K posted on the sign outside - not yet)

Both are far superior to Rosmeen. If someone paid 775K for it - they’re a monkey :slight_smile:

I have it on good authority that Rosmeen went sale agreed for 750k…
I went to see it and that’s way too much money even though it’s in a good location but it did go sale agreed in only a few weeks on the market…

I would love to see house prices published here like they are in some other countries.

33 Rosmeen now €560k.

So, someone buying in an OK part of Dublin in early 2010 is already €200k down (assuming both in similar order.