Typical Management Charges?

Hi all,

I’m curious to know what the typical apartment block management charges might run to for a 2/3 bed? Are they indexed linked or can there be arbitrary increases?


independent.ie/national-news … 57929.html

I knew it, I knew those pesky management charges were bang out of order. When the dust settles how will they manage to sell an apartment for 120k with a 2,500e management charge? Ans, they wont be able to.

The article says you sign a lease when you buy an apartment, but apartments in Ireland are freehold. I just wonder how legally bing it is at all to pay management fees.

The solution is for neighbours in a block to come together and fire their management company and appoint another one - they’re the boss.

I’ve never heard of a freehold apartment - what do you own the freehold on? Air? Also you are mixing up the terms management company and management agent. One you own a share of, the other you appoint to do a half-assed job of running the place.

I use to own a freehold apartment. They are all freehold as far as I know. In England apartments are leasehold, and you’re really at the mercy of the individual who owns the building, (landlord), and typically in England, parrticularly London, charges are exorbitant. They can because they own the building, all the commom areas, the roof etc. I’m questioning the legality of the service charge, how binding it really is.

I’m suggesting neighbours in any one block get together to manage their own block - fire a company which is charging too much and tender for a new service provider. The apartment owner is the boss, there is no landlord as such.

I believe you have a share of the freehold… the management company can prevent sale if there are arrears.

Management companies are a tricky crowd. I am disputing my charges for this year - first time paying them since buying and couldn’t understand many of the charges. I have a 3 bed own door duplex (no common areas etc.) and am being charged about 500e more than a three bed house - the only thing that I sound be paying extra for is block insurance which works out at just over 60 euros. I am paying for hoovering, cleaning etc of common areas etc - no of which I get. The sooner the Multi Unit Development Act comes in the better because this is a scandal

I am beginning to wonder if developers are behaving like landlords, and these management charges aren’t just a racket. I have an apartment in a block. There are about 6 identical blocks. There’s 9 near identical apartments in each block. Our block has undertaken to manage itself. We found the keenest management company and employ them. Divide and conquer.

No doubt they are just a racket, but any estimation of what they are? 2k, 3k, etc?

Oh its legally binding alright. I used to run a management company and have secured court judgements against owners for non-payment of service charges.

No reason why you cannot do this of course, but in my experience most owners don’t like to get involved.

This correct. Usual set-up is a private company limited by guarantee (no share capital) with each member owning a share of the management company which in turn owns the common areas and apartment freeholds.

Our two bed city centre apt charges were €1600 for this year. No gardens(just gravel) and 31 apartments.

Thanks Me&Mi that’s one datapoint!

You’re welcome. We used to have approx 5% increase yearly but last year it didn’t increase at all

One way of finding out is browse here of all the unsold ‘affordable’ homes affordablehome.ie/All-Available-Homes.aspx . Click any development and download the PDF file, they tell you the charges on a good few of them.

Ex: Hampton Lodge, Drumcondra. 2k pa. for a 2bed


By “leashold” I would mean that you have a 999 year or whatever LEASE…

that is the basis by which covenants are binding…

eg no hanging out washing out of front window…

enforcding covenants is hard of course…

doubt very much that many in Ireland OWN the apartment “fee simple” and can do exactly as they please…