Tyrrelstown new devlopmnt down the tubes? Sign of the times?

God, if I see or hear another ad about Tyrrelstown…!!! TV and radio…

They just can’t seem to shift these houses. I heard on radio today that they’re even running a competition to give away a house!

The developers are so desperate to sell, they’re offering:
→ pay mortgage for 6 months after move in
→ free mortgage protection insurance for a year (if use onsite broker)
→ pay bank valuation fee (if use onsite broker)
Then they get really pushy:
→ sign the contract within 21 days, they’ll install Whirlpool appliances into the kitchen – for free

And all this even after their launch last w/end, now laughably called ‘The Big One’. Though viewing the site plans, it looks just like every other bland estate of sardine cans that have been cropping up everywhere.


They’ve been advertising during the first quarter of the year for the last 2 or 3 years now … remember the ad’s with the artists wooden figures and the “buying a quality home” tag line?

Slow time of the year … people “resolving” to move home/buy a house … good time to advertise property.

Blue Horseshoe

They have the competition on 3 radio channels now. Assuming they’re giving away the lowest priced property (€295,000), that’s €885,000 it’s costing them.

The resisdents aren’t too happy about their house prices either…

Thats that then, it I won’t be buying in Tyrrelstown!

The management companies thing in Tyrellstown is a campaign whereby residents are trying to get the contracts torn up and get the council to take the estates in hand as they would have always done previous to the invention of management companies.

If they are trying to sell before a decision is reached obviously it’s difficult but a number of these contracts have been rescinded already in the Mulhuddart / Tyrellstown ward and indeed, it has come to light that some people who were receiving bills weren’t even part of the contracts that the developers had signed with their management company buddies.

Two more indications that the apartment market is going down the tubes:

(1) In spite of an entire page devoted to saying how great the apartments are, with shopping centres, motorways, golf courses, and train services nearby, the developer still has to throw in some extras to shift them, which are rapidly having to become standard on new developments I think:

unison.ie/irish_independent/ … e_id=15402

(2) Developer has decided not to build apartments, but houses instead.

unison.ie/irish_independent/ … e_id=15402

NOw that the Soutside (urk) is jam packed we are into Niche-northside- oversupplies, great! How long will this last eh. THere should be a ban on semi-D housing in the Metropolitan area and an enforcemnt of apartment sizes of no smaller than 120 sq meter. NO MORE 1 BEDS outlawed for 10 years.

ITs all a joke.

As with Tyrrelstown, I see developers are trying to shift some of their properties in Marlfield now, using the same tactic as Tyrrelstown - via a competition in the Evening Herald.


I feel sorry for the people living in such a place, it really sounds horrible, some of the other posts in that thread are also real eye openers.

It’s easy to find people complaining on the web. Tyrrelstown is a fine area with a mix of middle class people and a great selection of pubs, shops and restaurants. Perhaps you should take a look around the area before you take one persons online comments as fact. It is one of the best serviced new estates on the outskirts of Dublin, just because people who couldn’t afford to buy closer in bought there that does not mean you should be snobby and look down your nose at the area. It’s a bit patronising to say you feel sorry for people who live in what is a pretty good area with very few problems.

That’s a bit much calling him a snob. He was only commenting on the views of people who live in the area and are online. There was no suggestion that he/she also held Tyrrellstown in that regard. It might be more beneficial to the debate of you raise it off the floor of personal attacks and simply state why you disagree with the poster.

Thanks gearoidmm, hit the nail on the head there.

To clarify, I genuinely do feel for those people that spent a large sum of money on a place that really doesnt sound to pleasant based on the various posts on the Tyrellstown forum by people who live there- muggings, litter, burned out bins, stolen cars, unkempt lawns etc etc, this is not my impression , its merely what people living there are posting about.

Anyhow, nothing more boring to read than people bickering on a public forum so let that be an end of it and lets move on.

are you mad?

you build an estate with little or no local employment or indigenious industry, with medorce public transport and no historical established community spirit…this is a place to sleep…these places/estate remind me of those premier travel inns or motorway hotel inns…transient and vapid in nature…fleeting through its existence, everyone looking to move onwards and upwards, when in reality its going to be alot different.

call it what it is, but these people bought into this, we are all adults, decisions were made and beds must now be lived in!..

this may be harsh and calous, but as BA in the A-Team said “Pity the F**ls”

You’re right, and Ongar as mentioned in that thread is exactly the same. An estate that in my experience was largely bought by those who saw it either as an investment or as a “starter home”. Exactly the situation we warned about when talking about potential negative equity, buy somewhere where you would like to live indefinitely, because the so called property ladder may turn into a slide.

Once again someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about posts wrong information.
Some facts:

  1. First of all Tyrrelstown has a population of almost 10,000 people so to be surprised about some crime, bad gardens and car break-ins is foolish.
  2. There are loads of local jobs within a couple of miles of Tyrrelstown, If you ever went to the estate you would know it is situated smack bang in the middle of one of the countries main technology and light industry areas. It is likely that most people in the area work locally. Damenstown, ballycoolin, blanch hospital, Northwestern business park, IBM, EBAY, paypal, Tesco distribution, Viking direct, Blanchardstown IT, etc. the list of major employers within 2 miles is long. The area has far more industry and technology than most areas of Dublin. Perhaps you are mixing it up with Ongar and estates on that side of the N3 which has less close employment.
  3. The transport is no too bad but like most place could be a lot better, there are busses about every 20 mins which usually make town in 35 mins to an hour. It is also server by the nightlink.
  4. The main problem with Tyrrelstown is also one of its best points. It has a great online community and as all intelligent people know people are 20 times more likely to talk about a negative experience than a positive one, therefore people who have no idea about the area see these negative posts and think it is indicative of the whole living experience.

House prices in TTown are dropping like most other areas and as it was built during the peak of property investment there is a large number of investment properties for sale but the area still has one of the highest ROI for property in the country at the moment. While it may still be poor can you point out any other area in the country where a 365000 euro house can pull in rent of 1650 per month. Surveys in the area show that less than 20% of properties are rented but as most of these are on the main road it does seem a bit higher.

One thing is more boring - people posting who don’t know what they are talking about and think if they read something on the internet it is true for a wider area.

i have driven through the place on manys an occassion to the airport, i have friends living there.
I know there is local industry in the form of the damastown park.
I am speaking from my epxerience of that place, and alot of similar places elsewhere.
Everybody i know who live in places like that see it as a temporary home, a stepping stone. Now, as well all know, this may not be the case.

There is also an inordinate amount of rented property mixed in. This is causing a “them” and “us” mentality as is evident everywhere. These kinda of estates have been built before in both ireland and elsewhere, and what happened to them?..exactly…they turned towards ghettoisation.

What kinda schools are in the area, what kind of cultural events take place. Of the demographics, how many have two working parent families, or families that will need to be both working to pay the bills…

who will mind the teenage kids that will be around in ten 15 years time…

history does repeat itself…

If you exchanged Tyrellstown for Holywell and we’d be having almost the same discussion.

Have you tried looking for a 1-bedroomed apartment that’s anywhere near Dublin city centre?

A habitable bedsit for one person is about €800-€900, a liveable place for a couple starts at €1,100. If that’s not bad enough, landlords get in the region of 100’s of enquires about apartments when they’re listed for letting.

This thread on boards.ie is two months old but still very relevent.

boards.ie/vbulletin/showthre … 2055049366

How about some serious high density and some skyscrapers for Dublin - a real effort that could help with commuting times and traffic and accommodation pressures !