U.C.C. Economics Conference, Saturday, 19th March


I got an email about this earlier today and I wanted to post it here in case anybody in the Cork area is interested in going along. I have no involvement in the organisation of this conference.

“Different Roads to Recovery”.

Saturday 19th March, 10 am - 5pm in BOOLE 1, UCC

for directions see ucc.ie/en/visitors/maps/
facebook event here: facebook.com/event.php?eid=106180676129852
10am - Opening: Chair Economics Society, Chair Politics Society,
10.15 - 11.45am - From Clash to Compromise: Is Deficit Reduction AND Keynesian Expansion possible?
Tom McDonnell (TASC) + Seamus Coffee (UCC) + Robbie Butler (UCC)

11.45 - 12 - free teas & biscuits
12 - 1.30pm - Taming the Banks and Bondmarkets : Regulation,Prosecution and Defaults.
Peter Matthews TD (Former ICC, 25 yrs exp) + Arthur Doohan (offsetdebt.net - former bondtrader, 15yrs exp)
1.30 - 2.30pm - Free Lunch
2.30 - 4pm - From Vicious to Virtuous Cycle: Monetary Policy, Banking Reform and New Currencies.
moved to earlier time slot at 2.30
Ben Dyson (Positive Money, UK) + Richard Douthwaite (Feasta)

4 - 5pm - Various Workshops -
Options - a) Argentinian Crisis OR Origins of Irish Crisis
and b) Convergent Crisis & Limit of Growth OR Economic Complexity and Global Depression

5 - 5.15pm - Summary of Reports and Closing


For some reason my brain rendered that like this:

I was thinking … surely it can’t be THAT easy!