U.K. Home Repossessions Touch Highest Since 1990s

Looks like the UK started the fall later than us but even it this early stage they have passed us. Could this be related to freedom of information on the market? Will this freedom of info allow a short sharp correction and then back to business? I would guess the answer is yes. I would also guess the lack of transparancy is going to make the correction much longer here and we are much more likely to have a long drawn out recession when compared to the UK. I think we are likely to have a Japan style correction due to several factors one of which is the power given to the VIs here.

How are your investments in the UK Angler?

The UKs drop could be down to their experience of it in the past, as to our heads in the sand approach?

Hi Bertie Basher,
Terraced houses in Liverpool dont appear to have fallen much in value unlike city centre apartments. I bought most a few years ago at around half the current prices so my loans to current values arent too bad. Almost all are rented so I am fine. I wont buy any more for a while as I think it could be 6 months or so before things level out. There could be some bargains available then and I may be tempted to buy some more. Hopefully UK interest rates may have dropped again.
Back out to Gdansk next week for a couple of days


I’d say the shit is only starting to fly. Try 3+ years.

Also. I work with Polish people and they tell me the same thing is happening there.
I think property has had it’s day as an investment vehicle for many years. IMHO only the foolhardy, the formerly uninformed and lucky or the people who bought really early will stay in property. I think if you bought really early then you face many years of below average growth or realized losses. It may be time to take what you can get and go with the cash is king investment plan.

Yes. Maybe. That is the holy grail right there. Why has the UK (in the crash stakes) passed us already? I’m working on an answer to this.

Probably not related, but the lack of information in Ireland is now becoming farcical. I have two brochures for houses in south county dublin that I got this weekend from two different agents. They have one thing in common - they lack a price for the property. Never seen this before.