U2's tax decision defended by Bono



I have no objection to them doing that.

What I do object is his insistence on having a leading voice in how the money is spent. Something he does to an irritating extent.

“No taxation without representation”?

Hell, he’s discovered representation without taxation and ain’t lookin’ back.

I just like his spot on analysis of the economy, he’s no gobshite is that Bono… :wink:

TUG - I love your Whipping Boy sig.

Along with Toasted Heretic, they were a very witty band who never achieved the success they deserved.

there is a thought that the more tax he and other like him can avoid the more he and others like him can donate straight and more effectively to good charatable causes, without the money going through 15 different and in sime cases corupt Gov institutions before getting to the people on the ground.

I am not saying this is my line of thought but it is one that is out there

There is a story about a dinner party with Tony O’Reilly Snr waxing lyrically about all the good causes to which he generously donates. One woman present had athe gumption to suggest that being able to patronise one’s personal favourite causes is clearly far easier when one doesn’t make any contribution to health, education systems etc. of the country one is nominally, if not tax resident, in.

There is also a thought that he should shut his trap on matters on which he displays an inordanant amount of ignorance and lack of education.

I am not saying this is my line of thought but it is one that is out there. :wink:

we dont need nobody else!

He says they pay taxes to “the spirit of the law”. WTF is that supposed to mean in the context of their paying as little tax as possible?

It means he’s a prick. https://www.thepropertypin.com/images/smiles/icon_mad.gif

Ah sure he's a cute hoor of a lad all the same - Young fella from ballymun, like ya know, salt-a-da-earth-type, twasn't he on TV the other night live from Africa savin de elephants?

Any money he gives to a revenue authorised charity in Ireland is tax free. There is no ceiling on donations.

My guess would be that someone has been given the nod that there is a new top rate of tax on it’s way in from which there will be no deductions allowed.

I knew you would understand me playing devils advocate… :wink:

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So what for the tower, too gaze across the bay …


I’m not alone :smiley:

Shame the rest of the country consider him a divine being.

I’d say that’s where the smart money is alright yoganmahew…

What ever happened to the ‘Eircom tower’ at Heuston station???

Is they not still a building that one? Couldn’t find a ref in google…