UBS Faces U.S. Tax Evasion Probe

It goes from bad to worse for UBS, maybe they need some help from the taxpayer.

Is tax evasion not already receiving help from the tax payer… in a way…

You appear to have hit the target head-on, a conclusion which could be reached from a reading of the enclosed

Who is paying for all this wooing of the rich; but our recent young highly leveraged mortgage holders who are finding that because of the small print, they have to pay extra interest over and above the ECB rate? The powers that be in this state love the multi million plus salary banking executives etc while we are left with an **External Debt of $2,340,800,000,000; that’s only about $563,233 for each man woman and child in the state, **taking our population as the CIA figure of 4,156,119 (July 2008 est.)

This all happened under the eyes of those people who frame 90% of our laws, the EU bureaucracy or is it a case that our leaders were codded, hoodwinked or had no fear of the consequences. There is only one thing for sure is that our government handed over control of the economy many years ago. **Irishmen and Irishwomen, hold your chests out; for we are the most Economic Free country in the world ** … ntries.cfm

This is not the first time that we scored high on the Index of Economic Freedom. I expressed my fears for our wee country by writing the following back in the year 2,000.


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