UBS Recommends Investors Be `Underweight' in Irish Stocks

UBS did however raise both CRH and Ryanair from ‘Hold’ to ‘Buy’ this morning.

Would you take advise from a bank that has just had to writedown 10billion worth subprime. … bed_2.html … 174685.ece

A wise man once said “People in glasshouses shouldn’t throw rocks”.

Depends on their spelling

Someone send that analyst an Honorary pin membership :laughing:
Wonder how they would view residential ?

Give him a break.

Given it is Irish stock (0.2% of global market cap) this is most likely a young new grad., maybe even a work experience kid.

If anyone is interested to read the UBS report it is available here (pdf reader required)


just in the door, was this the lead story on the 9.00pm news???

[*Commercial property claims denied * (

The headline in the property section of the Indo was that commercial rents are set to rise by 90% on Grafton Street.

Grafton is already the 5th most expensive street in the world to do business on.

YM recommends investors be underweight in UBS - “more losses to come as commercial real estate shoe falls”

Following on from UBS’s report on Irish Commercial Property above. Below is a short report from UBS about … well the title should be explanation enough…

the report is dated 4th Feb

[*Ireland, Spain: As safe as houses? * (

What is it with these people? Of course the fiscal position is sound in ireland and spain - just now.

Both countries have been borrowing in the order of 30,000 euros per working person over the last few years - the government gets half of that at least in various taxes. Since every worker is in effect giving 15,000 they never even had in their pay cheque to the government, what happens when they stop (or even drastically slow) borrowing, and the government suddenly loses that revenue?