Údarás job numbers hold steady

€ 100K per job created and they NEVER last very long. They’d be better off giving each of them € 100K each! Will they ever learn? :unamused:


What was the figure for each job FAS created ?

Where are you getting E100K per job from?

Let’s take that one step further - what is the figure for all (Enterprise ireland, CEB’s, etc) the job creation agencies? How many are employed at these agencies themselves?

Fás isn’t a job creation agency. It’s a training agency.

100m/1,000 JOBS

100m/1,000 JOBS

That E100m is surely by the companies creating the jobs rather than by Údarás?
Things like building manufacturing facilities, buying machinery, connecting broadband lines. . . .

Like Jess, I’ve a feeling that 100 million may relate to the total investment, including the private sector element, as €100 million is over three times the Udaras total budget for last year.

You’re right to query this kind of figure, though, as you can see its another case of ‘we have to publish a great big number’.

That’d make it E30million for 1024 jobs, or E30K per job.
Still expensive, but probably cheaper then paying those people the dole.