Údarás na Gaeltacht, a 'mini-Fás'

It just goes to show how jaded we are that this little scandal hasn’t shown up here yet !

Why do I find myself wishing for Cromwell to come back ??

An integral part of the green economy. It would be interesting to know who went on these trips, ie was there any techincal people brought along of just office managers.

You know when you’ve been Quango’d !

LMFAO , I’m sorry, I have to rob that and use it :slight_smile:

Indeed… you would be inclined to question why they didn’t look at the many Irish based seaweed projects on the go…
But then a trip to Canada gets ya plenty of air miles!

If you thiink the Udarás (which is partially a development agency like the IDA) is bad then you should look at the travel expenses that Comreg clock up, they are around 8 times larger than the Udarás.