UK BTLs looking good

Didnt see the OP but its half-arsed at best.

“2 bed terrace houses ready to rent for 45k to 55k”. This type of property is literally a hovel and would have changed hands 10 years ago for anywhere between 50-1000uk. They are in seriously bad areas of Liverpool (Kensington), Manchester (Moss Side) etc.
You’d essentially be buying a crack house.

“LHA is paid directly to the tenant” - good luck getting it off them. A letting agent in an area like this would charge 8-12% to collect.

“probability of good capital appreciation”. Fantasy. Think about it; After 10 years of boom these places are worth 45k…

His return of 11% is rubbish too. He fails to account for initial habitation expenses (getting the place into a livable condition), 10% collection fee, 10% for voids and 5% for maintenance. And all that is before tax - income and CGT.

S’funny how all these brilliant schemes are presented on bulleting boards. You’d think the instigators would be hoovering up all the bargains themselves, wouldnt you?